CRI Genetics Gets DNA Test Processing Time Down Under 4 Weeks for 95% of Customers

DNA testing is a complicated process that takes time. It’s not uncommon for customers excited to unlock the secrets of their ancestry and other genetic insights to have to wait months to get their results. One of the DNA testing companies, CRI Genetics, recently announced that their processing time is now under four weeks. This makes them one of the fastest DNA testing companies to get customers results.

10 February,2020Many people gifted or received DNA tests for this past holiday season, which is causing a surge in DNA samples received at the labs of DNA testing companies. 

DNA testing is a time-consuming process. According to many customer reviews, one of the biggest complaints many customers have about DNA testing involves the long wait between when they submit their DNA sample and receive their DNA test results. 

The lab process involves isolating and extracting DNA from the sample, cleaning it to remove impurities that could distort test results, and then bonding it to a special genotyping chip. This chip gets fed into a computer that gathers raw DNA data. The scientists then analyze that data to give people their DNA test results. 

The duration of this process can often take several weeks, especially when company labs experience a surge of DNA samples like the one going on right now. 

However, a couple DNA testing companies have become models of efficiency. 

One of which, CRI Genetics, recently announced that they have reduced their lab processing time to below four weeks. 

“We always strived to be one of the fastest DNA testing companies,” commented CRI Genetics founder Alexei Fedorov. “When we first started a few years ago, we created what we called an ‘8-Week Efficiency Guarantee,’ where we would issue a refund if we couldn’t get people their DNA test results within eight weeks. It was very rare that it would happen then and it never happens now, ever, so that guarantee is a little silly at this point, but we’ll keep our ‘Efficiency Guarantee’ around for now anyway. I like it! I think it sets us apart.” 

Many DNA testing companies have reduced their lab processing time in the last two years. According to data compiled by, there were a handful of companies that would take a full two months to process customer DNA samples. Today, most companies are far more efficient. CRI Genetics boasts a processing time that is comfortably among some of the fastest out there. 

It’s fitting for a company that’s also one of the fastest-growing in the industry. “We aren’t really affected by big holiday influxes because we’ve been dealing with it almost every month here as we continue to grow,” Alexei Fedorov commented. 

CRI Genetics also does something unique in that they offer customers a chance to get their results in fewer than three weeks. For a small upcharge, CRI Genetics will move a customer’s DNA sample to the front of the processing line, so they get DNA test results even faster. “Just another thing that sets us apart,” Alexei Fedorov boasts.  

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