Creative Peptides Added Research Areas for Peptides Products

“Peptides for Alzheimer’s Diseases”
Chelate peptides and peptides for Alzheimer’s diseases researches are launched at Creative Peptides.

Earlier of this month, Creative Peptides introduced Alzheimer’s treatment researches applied peptides as a new direction under the researches area newly set up in last month (December, 2016). Until present, there are two general branches under this section and they are Chelate Peptides & the Alzheimer’s diseases.

Chelate peptides or DOTA related Peptides are widely used as contrast agents in cancer drug design, besides they are also quite often applied in cancer therapy and diagnosis. Creative Peptides lists their chelate peptides as a featured branch of peptide based on their rich experience in peptide synthesis and manufacturing, as well as their practice exclusively on chelate peptides.

Then in this month, the company added the hot studied diseases-Alzheimer as the other branch of the research area, providing easy access for the related peptide needs, which is a contribution the company made to boost the related researches.

Tau hypothesis and amyloid hypothesis are the main two hypothesis put up in the field for Alzheimer’s disease treatments. They are under intensive studies, making tau peptide and amyloid peptide the potential composition of corresponding therapies. Creative Peptides follows the trend in scientific studies and provides a wide scope of the peptides in these kinds. Some of them are newly added, and the others have existed for a long period time.

Moreover, the two branches under the research areas will not be the end, and more aspects will be added continuously in 2017 to provide one-stop solutions regarding diseases related peptide needs.

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Creative Peptides professionally focuses in peptide supply. With near a decade’s experience in the field, quality and competitive cost can be ensured, as well as considerate custom services. The company is remitting to expand the peptide and services variety. And from 2016, Creative Peptides set their step to providing pharmaceutical researches involved peptides, among which GMP peptide synthesis is one of the services launched in this direction. 

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