Creative Biolabs Releases CAR Design & Construction Services and Anti-CD19 CAR-T Preclinical In Vivo Assays

New York, USA, July 22, 2019  Creative Biolabs, a customized one-stop CAR-T therapy provider, releases brand-new CAR design & construction services and anti-CD19 CAR-T preclinical in vivo assays, aiming to propose a more specific solution to CAR-T therapy for global customers.


CAR T therapy refers to chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy that engineers an immune effector cell with an arbitrary specificity by a monoclonal antibody, achieving an excellent transformation from the basic research to the clinical trials.


As a novel therapy filled with huge potential, CAR-T therapy has aroused more and more attention in the field of cancer treatment. For the sake of a high-level solution to CAR-T, Creative Biolabs offers CAR-T cell construction services covering four generations of CAR, and an exquisite platform for anti-CD19 CAR-T cell therapy research.


1 CAR-design & construction services

Based on years of experiences in CAR-T field, Creative Biolabs is capable of offering four generations of CARs for the research of ovarian cancer, neuroblastoma and various types of leukemia and lymphoma. Different from previous CAR-T generations, the 4th-generation CAR-T releases transgenic immune modifiers, such as IL-12, eliminating antigen-negative cancer cells in the targeted lesion.

Besides the common four generations of CARs, Creative Biolabs also offers a series of special CARs such as TanCAR, physiological CAR (receptor/ligand-based), universal CAR (biotin/avidin-based), VHH-based CAR. The CAR design and construction services are also available for macrophages, NK cells, and γδ T cells.


2 Anti-CD19 CAR-T preclinical in vivo assays

Anti-CD19 CAR-T cells therapy is the most advanced engineered T cell therapy that has exhibited robust and striking clinical efficacy. In Creative Biolabs, multiple animal models have been established for the in vivo assay of anti-CD19 CAR-T cells. Tumor cells are injected subcutaneously, intraperitoneally, or intravenously to set up different tumor models in animals.  Various kinds of CD19+ cells, such as human ALL or CLL cells, NALM-6 pre-B cell ALL cell line, Raji Burkitt lymphoma cell line, Daudi Burkitt lymphoma cell line, and some CD19 transfected cell lines are used in terms of different requirements of customers. Meanwhile, NOD/SCID/γc-/- mice, NOD/SCID/β2-/- mice, and SCID-Beige mice (Fox Chase C.B-17), rats and non-human primates are also available.


At Creative Biolabs, well-trained and experienced technicians can perform an array of in vivo assay parameters and techniques in a GLP-compliant and IACUC-regulated facility for anti-CD19 CAR-T cell therapy research including but not limited to efficacy test, viability and bio-distribution studies, toxicity evaluation, GLP-compliant preclinical test.


As a frontier biotech service provider, Creative Biolabs is committed to sharing its professional knowledge about the development of CAR-T technology. More information can be reached at


About Creative Biolabs

As a global company, Creative Biolabs has more than 200 talented and well-trained scientists located in different continents working closely with partners from the entire world to develop and produce medicines of tomorrow. Specifically, the established leading experts in TCR and CAR T&NK cell immune therapy development offer the one-stop custom services that cover the entire new drug development pipeline, and an exclusive line of ready-to-use TCR and CAR T&NK cell construction products, such as virus packaging, purification, expansion and titer determination kits. Furthermore, a unique unparalleled CAR construction and production platform has been built up for all four CAR generations.

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