Covid-19 School Reopenings: Overcoming “Hybrid” Classroom Challenges with Wireless Audio Amplification

Covid-19 School Reopenings: Overcoming "Hybrid" Classroom Challenges with Wireless Audio Amplification

OWI Incorporate, the leader in classroom sound systems
With hybrid classroom systems, in-class and online students can clearly hear the teacher, other students’ questions to facilitate learning in hybrid classrooms. OWi Incorporated is the leader in classroom and school sounds systems.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on K-12 and college education in numerous ways. And now, after being closed for over a year, President Biden has made it a priority to re-open K-8 schools. It is now more important than ever to make sure schools are equipped with the proper Hybrid classroom systems with classroom sound systems, classroom mic systems, and classroom speaker systems, that will ensure the most effective ways of learning. The wireless pendant-style microphone system can be used to amplify teachers’ voices in the classroom as well as at home, making it an essential tool for classroom audio systems. 

Now, “hybrid” classrooms have become the new way of learning, where students in class are simultaneously taught with others attending on Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. That is why hybrid classroom systems are extremely important today.  Such classroom microphone systems can help to save teachers’ voices even if they are wearing masks, while keeping students more effectively engaged and focused to improve academic performance.

Some schools have struggled to balance investments in new equipment and other safety precautions for in-person instruction… That is where our hybrid classroom systems, such as the classroom microphone system or the classroom speaker system are key playing key roles in schools re-opening budgets.

Teaching students both in-class and online comes with its challenges. For educators who may be concerned about teaching students more effectively in such a hybrid learning environment, the solution is our classroom audio system, which enhances both in-class and online learning while enabling teacher mobility.  In fact, the classroom audio system has already proven itself in many pre-Covid-19, crowded classrooms by distracting background noise.

With classroom speaker systems and classroom audio systems, students in-class and online can hear the teacher with greater clarity.  Just as important, questions from online students can be heard through classroom sound systems mounted in the classroom.  This aids student comprehension and attention, making for a more seamless learning environment.

Given the CDC recommendations, teachers must wear a mask at all times, and some may even choose to wear two, others may prefer face shields.  However, this physical barrier can muffle the teacher’s voice. Teachers will have no choice but to repeat statements often and may have to project their voice more than usual, leading to vocal strain. With our very effective hybrid classroom systems, these issues are eliminated.

Another major challenge is keeping students that work remotely focused. In the comfort of the home, online students are more likely to send texts, answer emails, log onto social media, play video games or listen to music while taking an online course, compared to a teacher-supervised class. Fortunately, many of these challenges can be resolved by implementing classroom audio systems.  Such hybrid classroom systems will prevent these distractions, and keep students engaged in learning both at home and in school.

One such system, the CRS-301 by OWI Inc., a leader in classroom mic systems, provides wireless amplification of the teacher’s voice to the students’ ears, both in class or at home.  The wireless audio amplification system can simultaneously control two infrared wireless microphones and comes with a wall-mounted infrared receiver/amplifier/mixer, chargers and speakers. With this method of classroom audio systems, teachers wear a wireless pendant microphone like a necklace.  Their voice is amplified to reach all students and the teacher’s voice is also transmitted to the students learning remotely, ensuring that all students are taught evenly with this classroom mic system. With the hybrid classroom system, students can engage and focus more on the teacher and the lesson being taught without the obstacle of not being able to clearly hear what the teacher said. 

The classroom sound system also ensures that teachers will not have to raise their voices to be heard through a mask or face shields.  This approach also helps the students in the physical classroom in the same way.  Amplifying the teacher’s voice with our classroom speaker system, ensures students can hear from the back of the room. The wireless hybrid classroom systems can be quickly installed. Unlike freestanding or rack-mounted systems that can be tampered with, the classroom audio system’s console is wall mounted in a secure, lockable enclosure where it will not take up closet space and there is no tangle of wires.

With the reopening of schools across the country, giving educators the proper classroom mic systems they need to fully engage with both in-class and online students, will ensure that no learner is left behind.

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