Coolike Writing Robot: Bionic and Whiteboard Writing & Engraving & Cutting Robot

The robot that handwrites and signs, writes whiteboard notes, and laser engraves whatever you need

Pitch: The internet-controlled robot that writes, signs, erases, takes whiteboard notes, and laser engraves a world of new possibilities

Coolike Writing Robot is being launched on Kickstarter! as a multi-function desktop robot that bionically and quickly copies characters and graphics on a XY servo drive device by converting the path of writing graphics into machine-recognizable G codes. The robot writes, draws and even imitates the user’s handwriting in a swift and extremely accurate way.

“This is an ordinary pen which is also a personal handwriting partner that also works as a whiteboard pen that wipes its own writing,” said a backer of the Coolike Writing Robot campaign while also highlighting the 0.2mm precision and speed of the device.

Hoping to attract the interest of Creative Hobbyists, Artists, Geeks, Writers, Teachers, Workshop Organizers, and even families, this machine that can go as far as to sign on behalf of the user, imitating her signature, can also be instantly turned into a laser engraver and cutter.

By simply changing the magnetic function modules and adding the laser engraver module, it is possible to carve all wood, bamboo, paper, plastic, leather, aluminum oxide, non-woven fabric, canvas, and acrylic, among other materials, and to cut cardboard, non-woven fabric, light wood, acrylic, and plastic, among other materials.

Coolike Writing Robot can be conveniently operated from an app that is compatible with Win7/Win8/Win10/XP operating systems.

About Us

Guangzhou KUKE Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing writing robots, laser engraving machines, 3D printers, and other desktop customized tools. With an advanced R&D team, the company designed the first professional drive system for writing machines, and also the first writing machine with full coverage of paper. KUKE also developed a modular magnetic head that allows users to replace its parts at will.

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