Ulanzi Falcam F22 Quick Release System: Forget about Screws and Complex and Heavy Mount Kits

Just Press and Push, and Start Shooting with a Full Range of Efficient and Easy to Integrate Accessories

State-of-the-art quick release kit with a full range of user-friendly accessories offers steady flexibility and convenience for professional filmmakers & photographers

“Screwing and unscrewing camera accessories is a thing of the past,” said Person XYZ of the F22 Quick Release System campaign. This device offers photographers a super quick switch experience in various shooting scenes in one single click. With simple “SLIDE-IN” and “SLIDE-OUT” operations, the user can seamlessly mount and release in the fastest and most efficient way possible, switching between a camera, smartphone, tripod, monopod, stabilizer, and slider quickly, in a push and pinch, instead of the outdated, lengthy and cumbersome screwing of other systems.

Unlike conventional quick mount structures, the Falcam F22 Quick Release System is designed with a special “mortise-and-tenon joint” quick release structure. Its wedge pin is firmly embedded in the groove of the quick-release plate, which is not easy to fall off. The more it is used, the tighter the device is in a vibrating environment, withstanding a pressure of 1500N and offering a torsional strength that can reach 15N*m.

The developers of the Ulanzi Falcam F22 Quick Release System created an actual patented ecosystem with a wide range of easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate accessories that will improve run time and the photographer’s user experience due to enhanced ergonomics. The device has various quick release extension ports, allowing any camera accessories to be expanded. Its whole range of accessories covers all the essential and advanced equipment needs of any photographers, including: a universal adapter kit, a camera cage, a quick release monitor mount kit, a quick release pan head kit, a ball head, a side handle grip, a top handle, and other quick release accessories commonly used by filmmakers and photographers.

The Falcam F22 Quick Release System has been designed to be compatible with an extremely wide range of cameras and devices available on the market, namely Canon, Sony, Nikon, FUJIFILM, Blackmagic or other mirrorless cameras. Its universal 1/4″ thread mount can easily connect the device with a tripod, monopod, ball head, monitor, microphone, fill light, battery, and signal receiver, among other devices.

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