Business Focused on Serving the Legal Cannabis Industry Wants to Connect Dispensaries, Suppliers and More Through Blockchain-Secured Platform

It may surprise many, but one of the fastest growing industries in the global market is the legal cannabis business. What’s more, this field encounters many of the same distribution, inventory management and vendor issues that its more traditional or conservative predecessors struggle with as well.

Conventment believes it has the answer for brands and businesses in the legal cannabis industry. The Conventment team is hoping two recent developments will help these distributors and sellers achieve a higher degree of productivity and scalability to help keep up with an industry that’s poised to do more than $57 billion in revenue by the year 2027.

First and foremost, Conventment is unveiling its new Distributed Ledger Alliance (DLA) Center platform, designed to streamline several time-consuming processes with which the legal cannabis industry currently struggles. Conventment’s mission is to connect distributors, manufacturers and dispensaries through a network that enables these participants to completely control inventory and tracking, while also enabling real-time B2B communications with each other. The DLA Center is the hub of that connected network, allowing member businesses to fully reap the benefits of Conventment’s industry-specific tools.

With the DLA Center, businesses can request new shipments faster, view inventory of specific supplies and even access testing details among all general batch information, thanks to integrated Zerynth IoT middleware. These tools combine to create an automatic audit trail, saving significant time and energy for businesses. Conventment utilizes the Ethereum blockchain network to protect secure and sensitive data for its members and participants.

Conventment anticipates that the DLA Center will provide a secure, easy to use platform for businesses to exchange new ideas and help each other out with potential supply issues. Shops and dispensaries can even utilize the DLA Center to process payments. New members of the DLA can access the DLA Center through most devices that are connected to the internet through WiFi networks. 

Conventment is hosting a Token Generation Event (TGE) beginning in August. Between August and October, Conventment will launch the CNVT token, a financial tool used for initial funding and that will have heavily utilization in future versions of the DLA Center.

The TGE will take place from August 30th to October 10th. This TGE will offer both a private and a public sale of CNVT tokens, with a total of 75 million tokens available for purchase. The private sale will take place from August 20, 2018 to September 6, 2018, with a sale price of 0.001 ETH (ether) per token. The public sale is scheduled to take place from September 30, 2018 to October 10, 2018. The public sales price will begin at 0.0023 ETH per token, increasing by 0.0001 ETH daily. In addition, the CNVT token will be available through several different cryptocurrency exchanges in late October.

Conventment is poised to help guide the booming cannabis industry to potentially astonishing market penetration. According to a recently published article:

Market Research and BDS Analytics, the global legal marijuana industry will hit a worldwide revenue value of $57 billion by 2027. Conventment helps the legal cannabis industry prepare itself for this significant growth rate, and believes that the CNVT token will prove, over time, to be an invaluable asset to the industry’s leading brands.

For more information, access the Conventment whitepaper free of charge at the DLA Center website (

Conventment is an Internet of Things-based security and logistics platform, built specifically for the legal cannabis industry. Created with scalability and productivity in mind, Conventment provides a connected platform for the future of the cannabis industry designed to assist members in conquering business obstacles. Conventment utilizes technologies such as Python, Ethereum DLT, low-cost sensors (RFID/NFC) & customized IoT middleware (currently based on Zerynth) in order to achieve error-free record-keeping and to give businesses a streamlined platform to conduct their operations with zero downtime.

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