Conflow Power Announces the launch of its DILO (A decentralised ILO) token

A bridge between the centralised structure and the decentralised world has been built.

London, England – August 9th, 2022 – We all should be conscious that business is business and a profit should be the focus, however, today, doing more than making money is vital if you want to have a long-lasting profitable enterprise. Being sustainable, inclusive, and modern to the point of futuristic would be a few examples.

Conflow Power Group is a future-based power company with sights on dominance via partnerships, inclusive of all current market leaders and all potential customers using a unique approach to disruption. Conflow Power has created a license to print money by embarking on a strategy that does a lot more than make a profit, be futuristic, have sustainable goals, advance alternative energy, it now has instruments in both the centralised system and the decentralised system.

Edward Fitzpatrick CEO of Conflow Power Group said, “The goal is to make autonomous power sustainable and reliable”.

Conflow Power started out just a few years ago with one single battery technology, a technology that had game-changing possibilities but with all game-changing possibilities comes game-changing challenges. Real metal is found in overcoming those challenges and devising a plan that could sustain itself without the need for endless capital.

Edward Fitzpatrick, CEO at Conflow Power is no stranger to game-changing energy deals, almost 30 years ago he funded the first Oil exploration deal to find oil in Sudan. He brought together financing totaling $150,000,000 and as a result, a billion barrels of oil were discovered. The challenges there are still vibrating harshly today. Even with this success.

With years of R&D and tens of millions in funding needed to see this technology get to market Conflow Power had to find a way to make money not raise money, build partnerships and gain awareness while advancing the technology that could indeed ‘one day’ become a change maker.

The first step was obvious, invite people into the company by purchasing a license to advance the ideas of Conflow and help build awareness in overseas territories. It launched on the ILOCX in 2019 and was listed at $20.00  per license for the basic ILO. They sold out fast and the marketing awareness worked, and overseas licensed territories where CFP sold territorial rights to partner groups to advance the technology in multiple locations in order to create an ever-increasing global footprint. These were launched and, to date 14 countries have been sold and a further 13 are in pre-licensing stages. A detailed report of these can be found on  the  company website

The technology has advanced, and the company has acquired companies and other technologies as well as partnered with multiple companies to gain a strategic foothold in the marketplace.

Conflow has sold around  1.1  million  ILO’s on the   ILOCX between $2.00 and $9.50 logging a five times (5X) return on the initial purchase price less than 3 years ago.

Conflow Power owns iLamp ( as its flagship brand and product for the streetlight sector. iLamp integrates many of the technologies owned and operated by Conflow. This collection of technologies covers many aspects of city life and offers the possibility for power to become autonomous and relax the usage that large cities place on the grid as we head into a more electric-focused world. iLamp also lays claims to being the world’s first revenue-generating street lamp, bringing a host of groundbreaking smart technology to the market.

Conflow today launched the pre-sale for invited participants only in its DILO a decentralised ILO. Participants in the  DILO must-have networks large enough to help grow an audience in the decentralised world to help with the wider sales and which will ultimately lead to the launch of its own cryptocurrency in 2023 iCX.

iCX will be a first in many ways, it will be the economic driver for trade between buyers and sellers of alternative power with each iCX being minted per Kilowatt hour of power (kWh) generated by the network of iLamps and other products Conflow Power will launch later this year.

If you purchase power from any of the technology-based products that Conflow supplies to developers, Cities, and end users you must pay in iCX. If you sell power into the network on a microgrid structure you will be paid in iCX. This stabilises the cost of power, which will vary according to thelocations, one iCX will not be pegged to one kWh of power.

Conflow Power runs a Power-as-a-Service model where top-ups of power are charged by our partner power companies to municipalities exactly the same as if they supplied the power via the national grid.

iCX will also act as a currency to help fund and develop providers of alternative power and aggregate them into the infrastructure bringing sales and distribution as well as finance for these innovators.

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The DILO launched today is backed by the revenue of Conflow Power Group, bringing a solid factor to the world of decentralised tokens, each DILO will share in the royalty payments made in the regular ILO but hosted on the Blockchain using the Ethereum smart contracts.

Conflow Power issued 3.3 million ILO’s and to date has sold 1.1m.

Of the remaining 2.2 million, it has issued 1.1m ILO’s into the decentralised pool and split them 1000 for 1 so there are 1.1 billion DILO’s in the issue. There is no dilution to the royalty percentage as the total of 3.3 million is still the defining factor.

Legally 3.3 Million units owns 10% of the Conflow Power Groups revenue made up of 2.2 million ILOs and 1.1 billion DILO’s with an opening price equally split to 000.95c per token, whereas the ILO is priced at $9.50c.

Conflow Power is launching three other product ranges this year iCharge Network and iTraffic signals to bring microgrids and alternative power into reality on the streets of cities all over the world and iTurbine to spread into new markets sectors. As the range of products widens the scope of radical scaling via global license sales widens with it and autonomous power will become reliable and sustainable.

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