Compact, attractive, and efficient shower pods now on offer at JT Spas

Space has always been an issue for many British bathrooms. But anyone’s bathroom, no matter how small, can certainly benefit from a uniquely-designed yet comfortable and compact shower pod. At JT Spas, customers choose from a more extensive selection than ever.

JT Spas has proven to be the go-to place for anyone’s bathroom product needs, and its range of bathroom products includes such necessities as baths, shower enclosures, taps, toilets, basins, and other bathroom furniture and accessories. JT Spas has had long-standing relationships with some of the most renowned brands when it comes to bathroom products, and this includes names such as Kinedo, Royce Morgan, Insignia, Kensington, Moods Richmond, Coram, and more.

But JT Spas also knows that many bathrooms in Britain today often have a limited space. And since space is precious, JT Spas has made it a point to offer more compact and space-saving bathroom elements, such as shower pods and cabins.

Shower pods come in different sizes and can also include recessed alcove units, and the doors of these shower pods and enclosures can either be bi-fold, sliding, or pivot. One popular type of shower pod available at JT Spas is the Kinedo Consort Watertight Saloon Shower Pod Cubicle, which measures a total of 815mm by 815mm, and which is also silicon-free. The pod is ideal for small bathrooms, and it contains different elements needed in order to make up a self-contained shower unit. As JT Spas confirms, “A Kinedo self contained shower not only looks stylish, it has been designed from the ground up to provide a lifetime of safe, hygienic, and leak-free showering. This is achieved through clever assembly and techniques and high quality materials. Built by craftsmen in France, each shower comes with a 2 year manufacturers’ guarantee.”

This Kinedo Consort Watertight Saloon Shower Pod Cubicle is available at JT Spas for only £509, down from its regular retail price of £627.18. JT Spas adds, “It’s simplicity of design, ease of installation and low maintenance that make the Consort shower cubicle a winner for both domestic and commercial bathrooms.”

There are other shower pods and cubicles available at JT Spas, including the Coram Watertight Alcove Pod (including a bi-folding shower door), the Kinedo Horizon Corner Watertight Pivot Door Shower Cubicle/Pod, the Kinedo Moonlight Watertight Sliding Door Shower Pod Cubicle, and more.

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JT Spas is an established bathroom product supplier offering affordable yet quality bathroom products, which include a selection of shower pods. To learn more about bathroom product offers, visit the JT Spas website. 

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