Colombian Tech Guru Among Experts Advising Top Companies

Colombian Tech Guru Among Experts Advising Top Companies

Alejandro Martinez training techs in San Diego, California

San Diego, CA – Alejandro Martinez is unassuming at first glance, but begin talking to him and showing him around your company’s digital and tech infrastructure and he will tear it to pieces — and build it back up again.

Martinez, 40, is one of Colombia’s top technologists consulting for Fortune 100 companies such as Avaya, Walmart, IBM, AT&T and HSBC. His services and expertise have impacted across Latin America spanning Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and the US territory of Puerto Rico.

“We live in a time where the most important language, infrastructure and relationship for any company is the digital technology. Top companies recognize this and I am grateful to represent the best Colombia has to offer in this area”, said Martinez.

Martinez rose in prominence in Colombia after winning various tech competitions. He also advised several Colombian senators on tech ideas during Colombia’s peace dealings with left-wing guerrilla groups and has presented innovative and sustainable solutions to companies looking to do business in Colombia.

Amid the pandemic, Martinez has seen opportunity for the technological and digital world to become even more integral in every daily life.

“As we have seen, those companies who invested early on in robust and sophisticated technological infrastructure have been able to whether the pandemic storm well and even seize on opportunities it presented, for others its has been a time to rethink and rewire,” explains Martinez.

Martinez is in a class of his own among global tech experts. His company which he started in 2003, is the only Colombian company in the roster of companies that provide software and advise 5 of the Fortune 100 companies. Martinez has put Colombia on the map among the tech world a place traditionally dominated by India, the United States and China.

In 2021, Martinez says he will be in the US more often helping Colombian startups increase their presence. Martinez is also scheduled to train some top technologists in a three week seminar indicating the top regard that the industry has for the unassuming Colombian tech. 

By: John Rodriguez

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