Coffee Bean Bread with the Taste and Aroma of Coffee

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Since its establishment in 2016, RnR Korea has been rapidly growing based on its coffee bean bread/ dough production. Due to the increased domestic demand in 2018, RnR Korea Ltd. has become an agricultural corporation to expand its manufacturing facilities, build new factories, and to apply the taste and texture with the company’s own production methods. It is a company specialized in manufacturing the processed food of coffee bean bread that strives to make ethical and healthy foods.

Coffee bean bread, the main product of RnR Korea, is a food product that uses flour as the main ingredient. It is a bread-type food that applies coffee aroma and various side materials to coffee bean’s original shape (bulged oval shape). It can give unique, aroma, and visual feeling all at the same time depending on the side ingredients.

In addition to the main product of coffee bean bread, as a result of continuous R&D, plain bean bread, banana-flavored bean bread, purple sweet potato flavored bean bread, and other doughs were developed under their own recipes to supply different types of products. Further products were to replace the main raw material of flour with local rice and the corresponding patent registration was also completed. There indeed is a great demand for desserts that can be consumed with coffee, and more demand for snacks in the forms of instant foods such as home baking doughs.

Ji-hoon CHOI, CEO of RnR Korea Agricultural Corporation, said, “We will continue to produce coffee bean bread that is simple for everyone to enjoy based on our accumulated know-how and technology with quality innovation, company unity, and customer satisfaction as our management philosophy.”

To this end, RnR Korea has HACCP certified production facilities for safer food manufacturing/ supply and is striving for quality control to produce safe food.

Based on its established online and offline distribution network and coffee bean bread product sold in large supermarkets, the company will develop and produce healthy, delicious and accessible foods, while seeking to find a taste suitable for the global market and pioneering customized products.

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