Coach Bee Lomax: Empowering Survivors in the Battle Against Narcissistic Abuse

Atlanta, Georgia, United States – 25 August, 2023 – Coach Bee Lomax, a certified Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, brings hope and empowerment to survivors of narcissistic abuse. Through her coaching, writing, and advocacy, she’s helping individuals break free and reclaim their lives.

With personal experience as a survivor, Coach Bee understands the complexities of narcissistic abuse. Her coaching approach empowers clients to recognize manipulative patterns, rebuild self-worth, and forge a path to healing.

Coach Bee’s impact extends to her Quora profile, where she educates over 100,000 readers about narcissist’s tricks and equips survivors to defend themselves and emerge triumphant. Her approach empowers clients to become victorious.

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About Coach Bee Lomax

Certified Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach and founder of Bee Wholly, Coach Bee Lomax empowers survivors to reclaim their lives. Her personal journey and coaching expertise offer a beacon of hope for those battling narcissistic abuse.

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