Circuit Assembly Welcomes Chris Benson into the Corporate Family as Senior Technical Sales Representative

July 29, 2021 – Circuit Assembly is glad to announce the return of former employee Chris Benson to the company team.  Chris will join the organization as a senior technical sales representative. His prior experience as a part of Circuit Assembly enables him to bring a unique perspective and knowledge to the table.

We are very excited to welcome back Chris to our team at Circuit Assembly. Chris has a long history in the technology industry and we look forward to him continuing that tradition by providing ‘best of breed’ solutions to Circuit Assembly’s current and future customers”, says a spokesperson for Circuit Assembly.

Chris joined Circuit Assembly in 1999. He worked in the IT Department, honing his skills and building his knowledge pool. In 2009, Chris moved to the sales department within the company. That was where he stayed for the next nine years. Being in the sales department opened opportunities for Chris where he learned the intricacies of the business. Chris was a stellar employee at Circuit Assembly working as a Technical Sale Rep in Circuit Assembly till 2018.

I feel that being in the IT department to start was a good experience because I saw everything. Then once in sales, I worked to know each department so I could support customer requests with an understanding of what had to take place throughout the business. Twenty years at CA gave me the experience I needed to reach where I am. Being a part of the family, I was also ‘subjected to’ building parts as a young kid of 10 years old, assembling DIP connectors on the coffee table at home”, say the new senior technical sales rep, Chris Benson.

During his time at Circuit Assembly, Chris was fortunate to receive over-the-shoulder education from the original engineer Art Jochen who was a part of CA right from the early ’70s.  He is known for introducing Teradyne customized SAS connectors with pogo pin test ports as well as fully custom multi-piece edge cards that the company is currently booking. Chris was key in founding contacts and landing F5 Networks.

The All Teradyne custom design, Xyratex, SanDisk, and a multi-million-dollar project for Banta/Gefen were managed by Chris. In 2007, he was among a team that moved a couple of million dollars of sales for four products; two different USB, ATAS, and SATA, all shipped to a packed house that they believe supplied the biggest retail chain in the US.

Circuit Assembly takes pride in the company’s dedication to working closely with its customers to create the exact product they need. For 50 years now, the company has expanded its presence as well as owning an international factory in China. This has helped the company create a system where orders can be manufactured quickly and reliably every time.

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