Cindian Works chronicles the myth of the Jade Dragon in “The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen”

Cindian Works tells the story of the popular Jade Dragon in an unprecedented way in “The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen”

Cindian Works is known for amazing and great stories that have treated lovers of good literature to educative pieces. The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen is another of such pieces that is seemingly changing the narrative of writing across the globe, telling the story of the great Jade Dragon and the myth surrounding it in another masterpiece of writing titled “The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen.”

Over the years, literature has evolved with different creative minds contributing their quota to the development of the art, treating lovers of beautiful stories to the best of writings. One part of literature that seems to have been neglected in recent times is writing about history and this where Cindian Works is looking to make a huge difference with the release of “The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen” being a testament to this claim.

The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen basically tells the myth of the Jade Dragon in a unique way. The story aims to explain the reason behind the fools dancing for the Dragons during the Lunar New Year, and how the legend came to be.

The story of the Jade Dragon dates back to centuries, with history showing that the dragon brought the first tasty Kumquats to the town of Pan-yu even before the coming of the Warlord. A request for a bride from among the most beautiful daughters of Pan-Yu was requested as a compensation for bringing the Kumquats to them. However, this request did not go well with everyone in Pan-Yu, as four warriors eventually drove away the dragon.

The event became an annual celebration with a great festival and a contest of martial arts held from the schools founded by these warriors who fought for the liberation of the people of Pan-Yu. However, the celebration has always been going well until Wa Hao Kun came to the realization that he is a Dancing Fool, which spirals into a series of events that remains in the memory of every Pan-Yu person.

Cindian Works has detailed this story in an exciting yet educative way, telling the world a bit of history in an entertaining way without compromising the message. The book also shows a unique combination of creativity and intensive research.

The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen is currently available on Amazon and Lulu. The eBook version of the novel can also be found on Lulu.

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