Christian motivational consultancy acquires Glossae

Christian motivational blog, has acquired Glossae, an online resource for Christians that provides a glossary and commentary from the bible in the middle age period.

Glossae has Joined, a site that primarily focuses on new Christians who are on their journey to know God and strengthen their Christianity. 

In the world of today where Christians are facing many challenges as they try to strengthen their faith, blogs such as can provide them with the much needed resources to keep going. The site has a big impact on Christians looking to build their faith and continue their journey to Christianity. 

The latest news comes to cement position as a leader in the Christian motivation area since Glossae adds a lot of resources and materials to the blog. With the acquisition, Christians have unlimited access to resources and commentaries about the bible. This will give them a better perspective on the teachings in the bible. 

Wider scope 

While acquiring Glossae, has expanded the scope of its resources to suit the needs of their users. In addition to the regular posts that are made to motivate young Christians in strengthening their faith, they now have resources that feed their quest to understand the bible in a deeper perspective. 

By acquiring Glossae, is now able to tap into the demand of a much wider audience. This is because the audience that used to read materials on Glossae will now be able to visit to get the same resources. In addition, they will also be able to see the regular motivational articles on the site. This brings more growth to, at a much higher level than the normal organic growth can achieve. 

Increased synergy has gained a lot of synergy after the acquisition. This is because when two sites are working as one, they are usually more powerful than when they are working independently. This is true for Glossae that comes with its own audience to enhance what is already on 

Opportunistic value generation has acquired Glossae at a time when the site has gone defunct. This means that spent much less than what the real market price could have been if Glossae was a fully functioning site. The distress on the part of the company that is being bought creates an opportunistic value generation that can add more value to the buying company. With that, got Glossae’s resources assets at a much lower cost. 

About is a blog run by mark. From a young age, Mark spent years serving his church in different leadership positions. But it is out of his passion as a writer that Mark started, a blog that focuses on a blend of storytelling and faith. The blog has many articles that inspire, enlighten and encourage Christian through their journey to faith. 

Today, the site has acquired Glossae, a Christian resource site that specializes in expounding verses from the bible. 

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