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Application to general cutting of aluminum alloy.


* saw blade Use for cutting aluminum sheet, tubing extrusions and other non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, lead, and magnesium etc. with all thickness up to 5mm or 10mm.

* The workpiece must be properly clamped during cutting, two pinholes according users requested.

* For most smooth cutting, can use lots of lubricant and clamping device

* Used on the miter saw, sliding table saw, rocker saw and another special machine for cutting aluminum


* Diameter: Binc can produce all variety of saw blades according customer’s special need from 150mm-800mm.

* Thickness: The thickness of the blade and the body can also be made according to the customer market demand.

* TF (Trapezoidal- Flat teech), the number of teeth can also be based on customer requirements, the segment of aluminum saw blade is always dense, like 80T, 100T, 120T

* Bore diameter: Generally, Binc make the bore 22.23mm, 25.4mm or 30mm etc.

* Material: Binc can provide a variety of raw materials, such as 65Mn Steel Core, Teeth material: YG8, YG6X, YG6, OKE203, OKE107,OKE103 etc.

* Product Treatment: Original, Painting, Metal(Nickel, chromeplate) coated, Teflon Coated, Low noise. “Original+ Logo” print processing is the most popular in the market, suitable for most markets, “Low noise” treatment is usually professional or industrial level


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