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Binic Abrasive produce Ceramic Velcro disc. Binc have size from Diameter 80-230mm (round), all kinds of strip and triangle type, and the grit from 40-600. It is widely used in Auto-body work, unfinished and paint surface.


1. Exceptionally durable, and they perform better than their alternatives under moderate to high pressure

2. Quick and safe to use, they also stay sharp far longer than their counterparts.

Binic Ceramic Velcro disc

BINIC abrasive is the leading manufacturer of abrasive tools on the market. Before the wood can be used in most final applications, all cutting operations will leave a certain degree of roughness on the surface of the material that needs to be removed, and the coated abrasive has sufficient flexibility and fineness. The grit size is determined by the number of holes per square inch required by a sieve designed to collect the grit. The smaller the number, the coarser the cut.

The white velcro abrasive disc is made of durable alumina bonded with the most suitable backing material. BINIC abrasives also work Bincll on metal surfaces and any application where static electricity is generated. White alumina and stearate provide anti-clogging performance. Excellent surface finish on paint and fillers and longer service life.

Application on the following materials:

1. Auto-body work, unfinished and paint surface

2. Suitable for wood and putty materials

Why Choose Binic?

High tear strength

High bonding strength

Bincen abrasive and substrate

Smooth transitions

Surface burning prevention

Long polishing life

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