CaraJoy Nash – Introducing The First Female MBA, Neuroscience of Entrepreneurship Educator

Entrepreneur and business coach, CaraJoy Nash, shares her wealth of knowledge with women through The She’s Online Group to help them grow their enterprise

CaraJoy Nash is popularly described as “The First Female MBA Neuroscience of Entrepreneurship Educator.” Over the years, she has stayed true to her goal of helping other women exert their presence in the business world, working with and training, Businesswomen and Women in Business, how to use social media as the tool to build their online presence and increase their bottom line using Behavioral Economics and Neuroscience. In a related development, she recently launched The CEO 7, a movement to teach women how to become successful entrepreneurs. 

Despite having an MBA, when I launched She’s Online Agency back in 2015, I did not have the skill set to be a CEO or an entrepreneur. I perform best in a structured environment, so being responsible for creating the process, method, and [my own] structure required of a business and its owner, were completely overwhelming and began causing anxiety, which led to avoidance and chaos,” said CaraJoy Nash.

The founder of The She’s Online Group and She’s Online Agency can be rightly described as a chosen entrepreneur, turning limes into Mojitos, and creating opportunities for herself, and ultimately her family. Her approach to business is particularly unique, blending two criminal justice degrees (specializing in behaviors,) her MBA, and experiences working on and managing political campaigns, to create her Agency, Academy, and Research businesses. She was recently hired as a business consultant for the Urban League of Palm Beach County.

As a result of her expertise and dedication to make the world a better place, CaraJoy Nash is part of an international summit talk, where she’ll be teaching everyone the best ways to make their hustle more effective and less stress inducing by building a community of connections & collaborations that turn into referrals. “When you’re wearing many capes, there is nothing more important than keeping supportive people close to you– and learning how to return the favor”. She stated

Through The CEO 7, CaraJoy aims to teach women 7 behaviors needed to become their own CEO, personifying the process, having a firsthand experience of how difficult it is to create lasting change, develop new habits, and keep a positive mental outlook. She is also sponsoring two female entrepreneurs for a 90-day VIP membership for The CEO 7.

For more information about CaraJoy Nash and her initiative through The She’s Online Group, visit – She can also be found across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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