Canadian Coffee Company Offers Customers the Opportunity to Enjoy Fresh, Premium Coffee in Convenient Pods

Invigo Coffee, a Canadian producer of fine coffees from around the world, is offering its customers the opportunity to enjoy its great tastes for less! By using the limited time only discount code INVIGO20OFF, customers can savour fine flavours for even better value than normal.

With a selection of five deliciously flavoured pods that have been specially blended to cater to all tastes, Invigo Coffee’s range is a great choice for coffee aficionados to more casual drinkers. Its great tasting Nespresso-compatible coffee pods are available in five distinctive flavours including Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla, and Boost and Classic for those with more traditional and natural coffee tastes.

Invigo Coffee’s specially crafted blends from around the world are made special by the intense aromas they encapsulate. From the full-bodied Boost and Classic varieties to the sweeter flavours of Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate, Invigo’s range provides for everything from an enlivening morning boost to a more relaxing evening coffee after a nice meal.

The secret of Invigo Coffee’s unique blends lies in the Canadian producer’s specially researched growing conditions and processing quality. The specially blended Coffee Arabica beans are grown in highly controlled and optimized conditions for producing the best possible quality. The beans are grown and harvested from Columbia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Ethiopia, with each climate producing its own unique and distinctive tastes and aromas.

With this special discount offer, Invigo Coffee’s customers can experience these intricately refined flavours that encapsulate tastes from all over the world. The fresh flavours from different countries are delivered fresh into Canadian customers’ cups thanks to Invigo’s pods that lock in the tastes and smells. 

Invigo Coffee’s customers also love the distinctly different flavours that are locked inside each pod. From the invigorating kick in the Boost option to the more gentle and warming experience of the honey-toned Classic, there’s something for everyone. For those with sweeter tooths or those that prefer more of a flavour to their coffee experience, Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel pods provide the perfect alternative to the raw, bitter freshness that Boost and Classic provide.

By taking advantage of this 20% discount offer, new and existing customers have a great opportunity to try some new flavours for the first time and experience an altogether different coffee experience from the comfort of their home. With coffee has become such a huge part of Canadian culture, regular drinkers are looking for more and more quality in their cups, and new drinkers are looking to see what they have been missing out on.

As well as providing great value for money, the Invigo range combines the best of both worlds. With its rich flavours from around the world locked tightly into the capsules, its combination of taste and convenience are the perfect blend.

About Invigo Coffee

Invigo Coffee is a Canadian-based manufacturer of fine coffees. With a range of Nespresso-compatible pods designed to combine maximum convenience with the best possible freshness and taste, Invigo’s pods offer the best of both worlds to Canadian customers. The coffees come in a choice of five flavours and are available to order online.

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