AutoBoss Protects Car Bodywork from Hot Summers and Severe Winters

Bodywork on vehicles takes a rough ride. Whether a harsh and icy winter or a hot and dusty summer, the part of vehicles that needs to look best takes a regular beating! And it is not only the weather that corrodes paintwork and makes it look less than its best. Acid rain, sunlight damage, de-icers and even harsh car washing solutions take their toll on bodywork, and before long, vehicle paintwork can look a little worse for wear.

For domestic cars this is not ideal, but for commercial vehicles that reflect a company’s brand and image, it is vital for their fleet to look as good as it possibly can.

Regular washing and waxing of vehicles can help, but for true protection of the paintwork something more is needed.

Car paint sealants are the solution! Produced with synthetic materials to provide an extra layer of protection for vehicle paintwork, the polymers within the sealant provide months of protection to make vehicles stand out – for all the right reasons!

With this unique protection formula, car paint sealant offers many benefits over wax. For vehicles that are driven regularly or parked in outdoor environments, an extra layer of protection is almost certainly required to stay looking their best. But application of vehicle paint sealants also offers additional benefits to just adding protection to paintwork.

Although there is the cost of applying the sealant every few months, this will produce savings in other areas. Application of sealant means that wax is not required every few weeks, which produces an immediate time and cost saving. And the cost of applying sealant is much cheaper than the cost of repainting or a car or replacing signage on a commercial vehicle.

Sealant also helps prevent salt, grime, dust and grit from collecting on vehicle paintwork. This makes cleaning a lot easier, and it also reduces the amount of corrosive substances that come into contact with the paintwork at any given time.

At the time the owner comes to sell a vehicle on, well-maintained sealant will also have contributed to an improved appearance over its lifespan. Retaining a near-new and vibrant appearance will create the best possible first impression to potential buyers and maximize a vehicle’s resale value. 

AutoBOSS Vaughan’s specialist team apply the sealant to vehicles. But in doing so, they also carry out a number of other steps to ensure the best possible end result for any type of vehicle. Before the sealant is even applied, the vehicle is precision cleaned to remove any traces of dirt or salt. This is to avoid any potentially corrosive particles from becoming locked in by the sealant. By the time the sealant has been applied and a vehicle has been buffed, it will shine in all weather.

About AutoBOSS

AutoBOSSis acar sealant specialist in Vaughan. By using a specialized process to clean and prepare vehicles for having sealant applied, the car body experts ensure that cars and other vehicles look pristine. The application of sealant also reduces the need for regular waxing and polishing of vehicles in order to keep them looking their best.

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