Burn injury compensation experts from Shires Law give complete details on seeking claims

Burn injuries have become a more common occurrence, and they can occur in workplaces, in road accidents, in a cosmetic or beauty salon, and more. Those who would like to get as much information as possible about burn injury compensation can easily turn to Shires Law’s experts, who can give them all the info they need.

UNITED KINGDOM – 13 Dec, 2017 – Personal injuries are no laughing matter, especially if they happen through the negligence, ignorance, recklessness, or fault of another. This is something that Shires Law is all too aware of, particularly since it has been dealing with cases of personal injury for a good number of years.

One type of personal injury which can have drastic and serious consequences is a burn injury. Burn injuries can occur in the workplace, but they can also occur in road accidents, in industrial and construction sites, in public places such as restaurants and shops, and more.

The good news is that those who have suffered from a burn injury can turn to Shires Law for professional and expert assistance with Shires Law’s team of personal injury solicitors. When it comes to burn injuries and claiming compensation for such injuries, Shires Law has all the answers its clients need – and they are all easily available on the Shires Law website itself.

For those who are seeking compensation, Shires Law has detailed answers: “The amount you could potentially receive as compensation for burns is dependent on the extent of your personal burn injury and each case is unique. Burns are rated on a scale of first, second, and third class degrees. Your claim will comprise of two elements; general damages, a lump sum payment by way of compensation for your suffering and injuries and special damages, also known as out of pocket expenses, financial losses as a direct result of your injury (i.e. loss of earnings and medical expenses). Severe burns to the face could result in compensation f up to £64,000, whereas less severe burns could attract and award up to £6,000.”

With Shires Law’s expertise, anyone seeking a claim for a burn injury can receive adequate advice and assistance, and Shires Law’s service is also on a No Win, No Fee basis – which means that clients do not have to worry about being charged a fee; they will only be charged if the case achieves a positive resolution and once they have received compensation.

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Shires Law is a renowned personal injury firm specialising in claims for road accidents, hair and beauty injuries, workplace accidents, and more. To find out more about moving forward with burn injury claims and other types of personal injury claims, visit the Shires Law website.

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