Art Accelerators Launches New 32-Color Oil Paint Kit that Fires Up Imagination

December 13, 2017 – Making the holiday season more vibrant and colorful, Art Accelerators has launched a dream gift and product in the form of a 32 color oil paint set. The oil painting kit comprises uniquely bright and vivid colors to play with and transform joyous memories into works of fine art.

The new oil paint kit by Art Accelerators carries the brand promise of its makers to make its customers liven up homes and offices with wild and untamed creativity. A complete collection of pigments that are rich and oil based, the kit carries colors that remain fresh and vivid even after the paint goes dry. Each color tube contains 12ml of fresh paint that dries slowly (unlike acrylic), and gives imagination the required strong push to conjure new concepts and expressions.

“Try out the Art Accelerators new oil paint set and let your creativity flow! Use the oil painting kit to draw wall art for your house, landscapes or even portrait paintings. You can also use the oil paints to ace your art and craft projects and to create beautiful decorations for your walls and windows,” says a spokesperson from Art Accelerator.

The oil paint kit is designed for use by professional artists, beginners and DIY enthusiasts. All colors are made with safe and healthy oil paint and are 100 percent non-toxic, making the kit one of the best of its kind. Both amateurs of any age including children, and professionals will appreciate how easy it is to bring their imagination to life using the Art Accelerators paint set. The colors carry a smooth texture and rich pigmentation, and the results bright and vivid to stoke creativity even further.

Now available on Amazon, the new Art Accelerators paint kit makes for a great asset for artists of all persuasions to keep at home, or give it as a gift that will be cherished for opening up a new world of creative possibilities on the canvas.

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