brodmin delivers Game-Changing Directory For Late Invoice Payment, For Free

brodmin delivers Game-Changing Directory For Late Invoice Payment, For Free
Innovative global late invoice payment directory, brodmin, challenges the status quo by allowing businesses to verify the creditworthiness of their clients

“brodmin” is a new global late invoice payment directory designed to offer protection to business owners and help them achieve financial stability by allowing them to track the creditworthiness of new online and offline clients. The online directory allows anyone across the globe to report unpaid invoices and search the directory for businesses that have been reported for default in payment.

78% of small businesses in the U.K. are owed money. New website directory, brodmin, promises to change the game by introducing a completely free and independent late invoice payment directory where people can publicly list their outstanding invoices and share experiences with others.

The directory has been created by Thomas Minarik and Kris Broda and is now available at htps:// The online portal serves as a platform for business owners, freelancers, self-employed persons, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and other active members of the business community to share their experiences and make informed business decisions.

Kris Broda and Thomas Minarik respectively:


Late payments are a significant issue for many firms, with small to medium enterprises reporting additional costs of around £677 a month as a result and 74% of global firms saying late payment is just a way of life. In the UK alone, 24% of businesses say late payments is the biggest threat to their survival, the highest rate in Europe.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Too many businesses are accustomed to a culture where there are often little or no penalties for paying beyond credit terms. This is morally and ethically wrong, with many businesses actually having no intention of paying on time when they order goods or services.”

It’s a simple and straightforward process to add a listing and is open to all. New users will need to create an account then follow the guide and complete the details – a process that usually takes around five minutes.

Submissions are not vetted or edited and should be honest and factual. Once invoices are paid users can login and easily update the details. It gets better. Users will not need to share their personal information during submission. Users who wish to include additional information can do that from the platform’s dashboard. Members can list as many invoices as they like.

A range of information about the debt can be added to a brodmin listing, including the total amount owed and how late the client is with paying those invoices. Users may also mention the company’s payment terms, how often they have tried to resolve the issue, and what responses they have received. Some of this information may require additional verification before submission. 

The site has been created with a real change in poor payment practices in mind. As it stands, thousands of small businesses go under each year because they are owed money. These can include consistent late payments, non-payment, normalising late payments, and using suppliers to offer a line of essentially free credit.

brodmin does not offer legal or mediation support to businesses to resolve their late payments, focusing instead on helping companies make good decisions about who they work with.

The spokesperson added, “As an independent directory focused on collecting reports on businesses who leave clients unpaid, we want to help you avoid potential financial hardships before they happen.”

Be part of the change today. Join other users on the platform and start to report outstanding invoices at

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