Brenna M. Salay Educates Handicapped Children

Brenna M. Salay teaches reading and writing to handicapped and underprivileged children to help them grow.

Brenna Salay is parent to two lovely kids. She has been helping handicapped kids learn how to read and write. Ms. Salay has been carrying out this activity for the past three years and is currently a teacher at the school.

In her own family, Brenna Moriarty Salay has a son named Jack Saray who battled pediatric cancer. In 2017, after receiving a lot of public support, he was officially declared cancer-free.

Brenna M. Salay has worked with numerous children with disabilities to help them learn to read, but her most recent initiative is with an autistic child named Johnathon. Johnathon had never learnt to read before Brenna met him when he was six years old. Brenna assisted him by using various techniques, such as using games to improve his reading skills or using drawings to help him communicate with others. “It’s a lot of patience, but I don’t mind because it’s worth it because you see the love on his face every morning when he walks into class and he can read. It just makes my heart melt. And then when I leave, that love is with me for the rest of the day,” she said. Brenna Salay knew that Johnathon, her student, was intelligent and would be able to learn how to read on his own if she could help it.

Brenna M. Salay’s Teaching Methods

Brenna Moriarty Salay helps handicapped kids read and learn using unconventional approaches. Her teaching strategies go beyond traditional classroom instruction to incorporate experiential learning opportunities that let students use their senses and express their creativity.

She thinks it’s crucial to impart critical and creative thinking skills to children so they would be equipped to handle whatever issues they may encounter in the future in their lives.

Brenna M. Salay focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving abilities rather than memorization of facts. With the use of these techniques, she has been able to educate pupils from lower socioeconomic levels on a par with their peers from higher socioeconomic levels.

Her method of instruction is often advantageous since it enables students to learn without feeling overburdened by a lot of information. Additionally, she supports active learning, which lets students develop their own creativity while also learning from Salay.

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