Breanna Colon Teaches the Secrets of Saving Money in her Latest Book

CEO/President of Integrity Financial Solutions, Inc launched a new book titled ‘The Secrets of Saving Money: Experiencing the Unlimited.’ with a focus on the strategic ways to saving money.

Columbia, MD – July 31, 2017 – Speaker and Personal Financial Coach, Breanna Colón has released a new book titled, ‘The Secrets of Saving Money: Experiencing the Unlimited.’ In this book, she gives insight into strategies that can be used to change your thinking and learn how to keep more of your money. It is currently available online at Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, and the author’s website;

‘The Secrets of Saving Money’ is an easy to read guide that encourages people to shift their mindset about money, which will allow them to maximize the use of money and save on their everyday expenses. Colón also outlined the challenges involved, including the urge to spend money once earned.

‘The Secrets of Saving Money: Experiencing the Unlimited’ covers topics such as saving money on student loans, car loans, mortgage, personal expenses, church and business expenses, utilities, recreation and much more.

“Spending money as soon as it is earned is how many people get themselves into bottomless debt. Unfortunately, this attitude begins when we are young. For many, no one taught us how to spend money, but we quickly learn how to spend it. As children, we receive money for birthdays, holidays, allowance, and before you know it, it’s all gone. As adults, we acquire our first pay check as full-time employees and don’t have a clue what to do with it.” said Breanna Colón, the book author. “The only way to break this cycle is to change our mindset about money” she added.

Breanna Colón believes that with a changed mindset and self-discipline, the strategies outlined in this book will be a path towards success and self-fulfillment, and perhaps a few more dollars in the reader’s pocket.

Colón is committed to motivate, incite, and inspire people to become better managers of the money that God has blessed them with through her keynote speeches, workshops, financial seminars, and videos. She continues to enjoy teaching and encouraging people in various parts of the United States and abroad.

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About Breanna Colón

Breanna Colón is a Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, and Author. She is the CEO/President of Integrity Financial Solutions, Inc, which is a financial service and education company based in Columbia, MD. Over the years, she has acquired an in depth knowledge of retirement, college, insurance, mortgage, and budget solutions. Her mission is to empower others to get to the next level financially. She is very passionate about finance and loves to make learning fun.

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