Spinecare Myotherapy Brings New Approaches for Spine Treatment with Holistic Chiropractic Care

Mornington, VIC, Australia – Chiropractice in Mornington, Australia has earned reputation with the emergence of Spinecare Myotherapy run by Dr Sam Davis. The chiropractic care center uses a gentle approach for the sensitive spine and back tissues along with an innovative and patented ‘Spine Swing’ method for treating various musculo-skeletal conditions in a holistic manner.

Whether it is deep tissue massage, myotherapy or chiropractice, any approach to treating sensitive spine and related issues must be gentle as well as holistic. Spinecare Myotherapy works on this fundamental principal to treat a host of conditions such as tight and painful muscles, muscular balance and support for spine, spinal flexibility and alignment, spinal disc health and hydration, posture and others.

The gentle approach to chiropractic methods must also be combined with myotherapy to make the treatment more effective. As a natural healing art and technique, chiropractic is about spinal alignment, mobility and flexibility, and Spinecare Myotherapy at Mornington specializes in making this treatment holistic, personalized and handled by experts. The two principal chiropractors at Spinecare Myotherapy in Mornington carry a combined experience of over 50 years.

“Our visits are a lot longer than standard chiropractic visits. You will never feel like you have been rushed in and out the door at our clinic. We take the time at every visit to care for you thoroughly and to treat you in the manner we believe is most appropriate for you,” says Dr Sam Davis.

Spinecare Myotherapy has patented a new treatment method called the ‘Spine Swing’. This new system allows patients to lie down with free movement of lower and middle back, and assume a ‘hands and knees’ posture to flatten the lower back and relax muscles. This allows for traction to counter the downward force of gravity. Also offered at the clinic are specialist deep tissue massages, that focus on chronic pain, tightness and restriction, and myotherapy that combines several methods focusing on muscles to treat back pain, disc problems, sciatica, neck pain or stiffness and other medical conditions.

“We believe everyone can feel better, move better, and stand taller with better posture,” says Dr Sam Davis of Spinecare Myotherapy.

To know more, please visit: www.spinecaremyotherapy.com.au

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