Break Diving Helps People Find Success, Happiness and Friendship in Just 14 Days

The world’s first not-for-profit social media website encourages people to create opportunities

NEW YORK – July 26, 2021 – Break Diving has developed a not-for-profit social media site that helps people find success, happiness, and friendship. The community is filled with winners who build each other up, develop mutual friendships and positive values, and inspire one another. Break Diving members see a positive difference in their lives in just 14 days.


“We are social media 2.0,” says founder, Dr. Monroe Mann. “Break Diving teaches people all over the world the lost art of finding and creating opportunity. Instead of waiting for opportunities to float to the surface, Break Divers dive into the cold and icy shark-infested waters of resistance and create their own breaks. They live by the Break Diver’s Creed: No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.™”

Dr. Mann, who holds a PhD in psychology, believes people fail to achieve success, first, because they don’t have clear, measurable, and ambitious goals. Second, they often don’t have the motivation, confidence, and support to pursue those goals. Finally, they may just not know exactly what to do to achieve those goals. Break Diving offers a solution to all three problems, while bringing people together in a supportive, loving, and friendly community.

The online community—which boasts zero advertising and never sells or shares member data—is proud to see chapters slowly developing in cities around the world. In addition, the company holds regular live online chats and video events in English and foreign languages. As a result, Break Diving members can easily get to know one another, find supportive kindred spirits, practice new skills, and become certified in life accomplishments.

Through the dive program, Break Diving helps people gain recognition for all the awesome things they have accomplished in life. Unlike traditional social media platforms which are notorious for their bullying and “me-first” mentality, Break Diving aims to foster a positive atmosphere and encourage risk-taking. The platform aims to offer a positive alternative to other social media sites that tend to divide, damage self-esteem, and encourage selfish thinking.

Break Diving also takes pride in sustaining the company solely through donations and paid memberships. The members come first and the rigorous application process helps ensure the high quality of those members.

Break Diving combines the best parts of other social media networks on one platform. Those who join typically see a positive, measurable, and pleasantly surprising improvement in all aspects of their own lives within 14 days of joining.

About Break Diving

Break Diving – the world’s first not-for-profit social media site – was founded to help individuals worldwide find success, happiness, and friendship in life. The platform helps members feel connected, supported, and find inspiration. Break Diving offers live events and a dive certification program that certifies members in their varied life accomplishments, from Speaking Arabic to Visiting Zimbabwe.

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