New book “-30- Why Small-Town American Print Journalism is Anything but Dead” by Greg Little is released, a call to action for the resurgence – and importance – of local reporting

“-30- Why Small-Town American Print Journalism is Anything but Dead” by Greg Little has been released worldwide. This 352-page work is both a chronicle of the author’s experience as a small-town journalist and a deep dive into the essential nature of local level reporting – and American journalism as a whole. By telling the story of his career, Little shows the impact that honest, integrity-driven reporting can have on communities, and inspires future generations to take up the mantle of journalist to create positive change in their own environments.

-30- Why Small-Town American Print Journalism is Anything but Dead (ISBN: 9781737410232) is available through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $16.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

What is the current state of journalism in America? Better yet, what is the current state of small-town print journalism? Maybe this doesn’t seem like a relevant question, but it might be the most important question there is when it comes to the future of the business. The reason is the backbone of American journalism takes place in small cities and towns across America, not what most people see in big newsrooms with flashy graphics. The heart and soul of American journalism is done by gum-show reporters who attend local meetings and events as well as uncover shenanigans of local government.

Many think the end is near for journalism in small towns. But in this book, find out why the author believe there can be a resurgence of local journalism – as long as the beancounters stay out of the picture. There is hope, he reasons, but it is going to take a revolution of sorts, so that small newsrooms get back into the hands of local ownership. Corporate America has made a mockery of local journalism and now is the time to strike back.

About the author:

Greg Little has been a journalist since his first efforts at that small newspaper in junior high school. His award-winning career has spanned five decades and has taken him from life-changing issues on an Indian reservation in Montana to helping stop illegal dumping of sewage sludge in Tennessee. He taught journalism for a brief time in Montana and has always loved the art of writing. His hero is journalist Ernie Pyle, who helped lift the spirit of a nation. He has four children, Lara, Lindsay, Christopher and Price. He currently lives in Mariposa, California, with his wife Nicole and his son, Price. They are the owners of the Mariposa Gazette, the oldest continually published newspaper in the state of California.

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