Boole launching its next level meeting room device – Prijector Pro.

January 3, 2018 – Boole Inc., has come to announce its top-notch premier leading device called Prijector Pro uniquely designed for conference rooms and classrooms to enable wireless presentations, video conferencing, and scheduling meetings from the cloud into a single platform.

“Prijector Pro is the most advanced version than its predecessor Prijector Plus with most powerful hardware that we ever created and ground breaking software features,” said Girish Bhimmappa, VP for Boole Inc.

The best and most interesting part of Prijector Pro is that the new features makes meetings easy, faster and more productive.

Faster Processor

Prijector Pro is 2 times faster than its earlier Prijector Plus, enabling meeting rooms to runs all the applications they need.

Pro introduces ‘Application’ less screen sharing from Chrome’s built-in Cast screen share function from any laptops.

mCloud – Cloud based IoT platform

mCloud is a cloud offering that helps the IT administrators to reduce their pressure in maintaining several hardware and software components in a meeting room. One can manage all the functionalities of the devices installed in an Enterprise through a single control. This centralized cloud management dashboard helps to remotely update, control, configure, install video conferencing applications and maintain hundreds of Prijectors installed in an organization.

Easy Video Conferencing

Pro is the best Video Conferencing alternative as it comes integrated with industry’s popular Video Conferencing applications within and allows Dynamic Video Conferencing Applications Installation from mCloud. The video conferencing apps integrated with Pro includes Skype, Skype for Business, Polycom, GoToMeeting, LifeSize, BlueJeans, WebEx, Zoom and Vidyo.

HD Cameras Support

It supports all the high end full HD cameras with pan / tilt and zoom capabilities.  Also the hardware is designed to support echo cancellation and noise reduction.

Guest Wi-Fi Access

It is a true BYOD that allows guests in office to flawlessly present from any of their devices.

Cloud based Calendar to schedule meetings

No more waste of time and miscommunication. Remotely book and schedule the meetings in all the Prijector powered conference rooms.

Cloud based Software Upgradations

Upgrade to the latest versions from mCloud.

Network Configuration from Cloud

Configure all the Prijectors installed under your organization through our web interfaces and customize your launch screen with any required information using this feature.

“We have created Pro as a compact device that fulfills all the meeting room essentials in a single platform,” said Girish, VP of Boole.

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About Boole Inc.:

Boole Inc. is a meeting room hardware, software, and Cloud Company headquartered in California, United States. The company is famous for designing and developing a wide range of wireless collaboration tools for meeting rooms and classrooms, ensuring smoother and easier communication.

Boole’s devices are used by 10,000+ Enterprise customers and it has 500+ installations in US Universities and 30+ installations in other International Universities.

Some of the products from Boole Inc. include Prijector, Hola Camera, Hustle Cast, Peasy and Wireless HDMI, with more coming in the near future.

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