BoldLeads Reviews 9 Ways To Get More Listings

“BoldLeads reviews ways to get listings.”

Chandler, AZ, United States – February 19, 2016 – Getting and holding more real estate listings is the key to making the real money. If you’ve got the sellers and listings you control the market. Buyers and other agents have to come to you if they want to do business.

The big question today is not just how to get in touch with more prospective sellers, but how to do it effectively, without the cheesiness, and over the top hard-sell that can cripple your real estate career?

1. Google Adwords

Inbound marketing is in. However, it is also becoming more competitive. Those that need guaranteed results, and need them quickly, may be wise to turn to PPC and Adwords to loan the top of their real estate lead funnels. These are property owners that have proven they are interested enough in selling to take action and reach out. They can be funneled to landing pages and email lists, social media, and inbound phone calls.

2. Drip Campaigns

Drip email, text, and social media marketing campaigns might not always sound like the sexiest option for eager Realtors that want to rush out and sign new listings today. However, they do work. In fact, in many cases they are absolutely necessary. It’s said that it takes seven ‘touches’ to convert prospects. So instead of burning the bulk of potential business in a rush, why not put smart marketing on autopilot? Just imagine how full your active pipeline and listing inventory would be right now if you had begun nurturing more seller leads two years ago!

3. More Open Houses

The fact that so few Realtors conduct open houses today is exactly why it can now be so profitable for those that do. Realtors have worked hard to downplay the benefits of open houses in recent years. Often because they didn’t want to be stuck sitting somewhere for hours on a weekend. However, there is no debate about the fact that sellers want them. Show that you are one of the agents that will give them what they want and you’ll keep your listings and get referrals. With 91% of Realtors using social media and around 90% of home buyers looking at online listings agents are sometimes ignoring offline.

A walk-in can result in a contract signing. Often it doesn’t. Often it is the neighbors coming in. That’s great news because the odds are they are going to sell soon and you’ll be one of the few Realtors they have had the chance to get to know in person. That’s a huge advantage. Also consider that NAR reports 45% of home buyers name open houses as being used in their search, and only 15% of FSBOs use them. Remember that a great number of buyers are going to also need to sell their homes to move up.

Remember that a Realtor’s success is directly tied to the number of new contacts they make each day. An open house is a great way to do that, and make sure the contacts are interested in real estate. Plus, being so much better connected today you can work on your online marketing while waiting for prospects to show up.

4. Serve the Underserved

Find a niche that is underserved. This will provide easier to close seller leads, and an appreciative group of clients, that in turn may become some of your best fans and leads sources. In sizzling upscale areas this might be younger and less affluent, or older and more traditional owners that feel estranged by snobby and self-absorbed Realtors. Or it could be real estate investors. Find your niche, and dominate it.

5. Make it More Attractive to List with You

Don’t discount yourself and the industry into oblivion. Otherwise you won’t make enough to stay in the business, no matter how many listings you have. Do make it more appealing to list homes for sale with you. Depending on your local market and niche this could be some form of guarantee or concierge services, or even offering open listing agreements so that sellers don’t feel trapped.

6. Build Professional Referral Networks

While many see going straight after homeowners as the most direct route to securing more listings, others see higher ROI and business volume in focusing on referrals. Contrast converting one seller with a single property versus a banker or attorney that may be able to refer ten warm listing leads each month.

7. Create Less Formal Networking Opportunities

Proximity and time are two key components of building relationships and drawing seller leads and listings in a warm way. Today consumers have become incredibly averse to anything that smells like a hard-sales pitch. So how about creating groups or meet-ups around topics that your prime prospects care about, and simply help nurture the ties in a warmer way?

8. Interactive Real Estate Marketing

Empower prospect to engage you via their mobile devices with interactive technology like iBeacons, mobile push notifications, and augmented reality.

9. Off-Page Article Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is hot, but it’s also an increasingly competitive arena. Realtors should have a budget for consistently building up their own online presence by expanding their websites and weekly real estate blogging. However, those wanting to secure listings now can also find great results with simple landing pages which are fed by article marketing, press releases and ads on third party websites that already have established traffic.

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