BOGAFIT and FITMAT Make Aquatic Fitness More Accessible and Affordable

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA – Aug. 30, 2016 – BOGA is excited to launch BOGAFIT & FITMAT, an innovative new aquatic fitness product and regimen developed by combining the best aspects of proven core movements from gymnastics, yoga and boot camp type workouts performed on water.  BOGA’s FITMAT is an innovative floating mat which intensifies these movements, creating more focus on core muscle groups and improving balance and coordination. Additionally, the FITMAT extends its use beyond pools into gyms and resorts with a LandBase option built to simulate water.

Aquatic fitness is one of the world’s fastest growing sports markets, and traditional activities such as boot camp and yoga classes have merged with it to create exciting new disciplines such as BOGAFIT. 

“The most successful fitness programs are based on a group or community from which workouts are practiced,” said David Meyler, founder and president of BOGA. “The response for the FITMAT from participant groups and the interest from gyms and resorts around the world has been nothing short of phenomenal and further confirms the growth of the aquatic fitness market BOGA has been innovating for years.”

Features on the new board include a unique BOGA Tethering connection system for connecting multiple FITMATs in seconds, a water wicking EVA pad and double laminated drop stitch inflatable technology. BOGA also developed a totally unique LandBase air system, sold separately, that supports the board on land, further extending the capabilities of the FITMAT product in gyms & resorts. These innovative features, combined with accessible pricing, make the FITMAT and BOGAFIT programs the choice to take – and hold – the lead in the aquatic fitness category.

As respected Southern California Olympic Athlete and fitness instructor, Sean Paneagan, notes, “The FITMAT and LandBase concept will revolutionize the fitness industry. The FITMAT is the first full-length instability base, it has totally changed how we exercise in our gym. We can now do full-body movements like plank, tree climbers and sit ups, none of which we could do on a traditional bosu ball type product. Everyone in the gym is using it, from our regulars to experienced MMA trainees to increase balance and coordination an core muscle development!”

About BOGA

Based in Southern Californica, BOGA was founded by a group of industry professionals with the goal of bringing to market lighter, stronger more high-performance fitness products at a cost approachable for the average consumer.

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In 2011, BOGA was the first company to create a stand up paddle board (SUP) designed specifically for YOGA/Fitness and leads the YOGA Fitness SUP market with their popular Floating Studio Concept.

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