BMbridal Sponsors Bridesmaid Dresses To A Special Group Wedding Ceremony Held In Miami

BMbridal Sponsors Bridesmaid Dresses To A Special Group Wedding Ceremony Held In Miami

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On the Valentine’s Day, a special group wedding ceremony was held in Miami, in which 10 couples got married. BMbridal sponsored all the bridesmaid dresses needed to help to hold the wedding ceremony successfully.

Love songs rang out in the Miami Vineyard Church when the couples lined up to vow their lives to each other. It was the first time that the Church held a group wedding ceremony like this for this Valentine’s Day on Thursday.

Samantha Smith, the organizer of this wedding, said she has been planing this wedding ceremony for a long time and all she wanted is to make this special day become a different experience for the couples.

“I think it was cool for the couples to get married in one wedding ceremony, especially on this special Valentine’s Day,” Samantha said. “I have been planing this event for a long time to get all things ready.”

Before the ceremony, Samantha went to some bridal stores to get some sponsor for the wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses but in vain as no one was willing to do that. Knowing this, BMbridal found Samantha and told her they would offer all the bridesmaid dresses needed in the ceremony.

“I really appreciate the kindness of BMbridal, which makes my dream come true.” Samantha indicated, “You know it will be hard to do one thing perfect, but thank God, I did it with help from BMbridal.”

The church was full of laughter and joy as 10 couples tied the knot surrounded by their friends and family together.

Helen and Irving, both 27 years old, said they have been together for six years. Helen said they decided to get married on Valentine’s Day as it is the “love day”.

“I never imaged I would get married in a group wedding, which I only saw on TV” Helen said, “The most exciting thing is that all the bridesmaid dresses for my girls were provided freely, which save a lot of money for my wedding.”

Rosemary and Vincent were together for 3 years. Rosemary said the ceremony was beyond her expectations.

“I thought the wedding ceremony was going to be very small, but I never thought they put it on really well,” She said, “Vincent and I have planed just to get married licenses but when I saw there would be a special group wedding ceremony, we changed our mind and attended it crazily.”

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