Billions of banknotes become carriers for augmented reality gaming and advertising

During the last couple of months publicity campaigns are on the rise. Last week, the Australian based company Oxenaar. introduced their newest app named BLITZ[AR] advertising inspired by characters such as Willy Wonka and Steven Spielbergs movie ‘Ready player one’. The app specializes in creating AR scratchcards, geo based ‘Da Vinci Code’ games, easter eggs and even a lottery using banknotes and cans as carriers. QR codes are no more required.

Oxenaar is currently working on several global brand AR projects combining them into a so called The Blitz tree of fortune. Some of these AR projects have now been hidden underneath real banknotes such as the 5$, 10$, 10 Pound, 10 – 20 – 50 and the 100 Euro. Once you have downloaded the BLITZ[AR] app, one can start ‘blitzin’ banknotes to see what’s in it.

Oxenaar AR developer Christian David Petermann says: ’We are the very beginning of a whole new era creating endless possibilities for major brands in the advertising and gaming industry. I guess you should fetch a banknote and just start just start blitzin’ to see if you are a winner!’

The BLITZ[AR] advertising app is available on GooglePlay and AppStore.

About Oxenaar

Oxenaar is an Australian based company with an international team of specialists. We specialize in custommade AR based implementations for gambling, advertising and gaming.

The company was named after the Dutch banknote designer Professor Robert Deodant Emile Oxenaar, known for hiding things in the Dutch gulden banknote collection. 

OXENAAR commenced operations on September 1st 2019 and with the introduction of the BLITZ[AR] white label & the endeavour has started. They are targeting huge new markets with various options for investors to get a share.

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