Bili Rokwiler Bares His Soul in New Song “Vermilion”

Up-and-coming alternative rock artist Bili Rokwiler just unveiled “Vermilion,” an intimately personal new album navigating the pain of losing his cousin to addiction. Rokwiler’s emotionally healing lyrics aim to support those struggling by sparking honest conversations about mental health.

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – January 17, 2024 – Louisiana-based musician Bili Rokwiler released his deeply personal and emotionally powerful new track titled “Vermilion” last month. The song tackles grief, addiction, and mental health struggles through Rokwiler’s unique blend of soft rock, grunge, and alternative melodies.

“Vermilion” was written in tribute to Rokwiler’s late cousin, who tragically passed away due to addiction last year. The album art vividly depicts the grief of losing a loved one in this way. According to Rokwiler, “I really put my whole heart and soul into this song. Its lyric explores the pain I felt from watching my cousin battle addiction and not being able to save him. But I also wanted to send a message to families going through similar tragedies that addiction is never the loved one’s or relatives’ fault while also honoring my cousin’s spirit through raw, honest lyrics delivered with my signature rock-meets-rap sound.”

Sonically, “Vermilion” finds Rokwiler reconciling his diverse musical influences into a singular anthemic sound. Channeling icons like Chris Cornell, Post Malone, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana, Rokwiler’s versatile vocals glide between soaring belts and gritty, poetic verses. The production quality brings together live instrumentation like searing electric guitars with modern, textured electronic beats, taking listeners on a cathartic journey through the agony of watching someone fight the demons of substance abuse. Yet it also offers a glimmer of hope with its ultimate themes of overcoming and healing. 

While the track moves through stages of grief from denial to eventual acceptance, Rokwiler’s authenticity and passion are palpable in its lyrics. As Rokwiler explained, “I gravitate towards those bold 90s grunge flavors blended with today’s rhythmic trap and hip-hop styles. I want my music to make you bang your head and also hit you right in the heart – like the perfect soundtrack for coping with whatever life is throwing your way.”

For Rokwiler, baring the darkest moment of his life within this song acted as its own form of much-needed therapy. As he shared, “This track was part of my healing process. I put all my rage, all my grief, all my guilt into the lyrics. And being able to share that pain through music helps more than words can describe.”

As part of the song’s rollout, Rokwiler also released an Addiction Awareness video on YouTube detailing his motivations behind the record and his dedication to using music as a positive force for change when it comes to issues like mental health and recovery. It captures the singer’s unique essence as both a talented musician and activist.

Rokwiler has dealt with loved ones’ substance abuse issues for most of his life, even overcoming his own obstacles along the way. Now, with his rising musical profile earning over a million streams globally, he hopes to inspire social change by encouraging more open dialogue.

“I make music first and foremost to heal people going through hard times, whether myself or someone listening,” he remarked. “My goal is that anyone battling depression, addiction, or mental health issues can put on my songs and realize there’s someone in their corner who cares.”

“Vermillion” is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify at and Apple Music at

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Bili Rokwiler is an alternative rock musician making waves out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Blending soft rock and acoustic ballads with grunge and even rap influences, the artist has cultivated a unique sound that resonates with audiences craving raw authenticity. After dealing with addiction and loss in his personal life, Rokwiler channels his emotions and experiences into soul-baring songwriting meant to help others going through similar trauma.

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