Application for Vietnam Visa Online is Now Available for Argentine Citizens

The Vietnam E-Visa is essentially a visa for which an applicant must apply from their home country or any other country outside Vietnam. The electronic visa for Vietnam is valid for a single entry for 30 days.

This e-visa is also known as the Vietnamese Tourist Visa. The reason Argentine citizens need a visa is simple. Tourists from other countries must obtain a visa before entering Vietnam.

As an Argentine traveler, if you want to visit Vietnam on up to 30 30-day trips, Vietnam Visa Online covers all the topics and sections about getting a visa for Vietnam, making it extremely simple for you to obtain one the right way.

A single-entry visa means that the traveler can enter and exit the country only once. However, a multiple-entry visa allows the traveler to enter and exit the country multiple times during the visa’s validity period.

With Vietnam Visa for Argentine Citizens, tourists can stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days. The entry will be a single one. However, the number of days heavily depends on the visa type the traveler is applying for.

The Process for Vietnam Visa Application.

The Vietnam e-Visa, also known as the Vietnam Visa Online, is a mandatory travel authorization for visitors to Vietnam for business, tourism, or transit. The Government of Vietnam implemented this online process for electronic visas for Vietnam beginning in 2017.

The online Vietnam visa application, also known as the Vietnam eVisa, was created in 2017. The Vietnam visa online allows for a maximum stay of 30 days.

The Vietnam e-visa is valid for a wide range of travel purposes, including business, tourism, education, visiting family, investment, journalism, and employment. The Vietnam visa online was primarily implemented to expedite the application process. Foreign visitors with an official eVisa can arrive in Vietnam much faster.

The online Vietnam visa application requires applicants to provide personal and passport information and the purpose of their trip. The Vietnam eVisa is accepted at all international airports in Vietnam, and the approved eVisa must be shown at the port of entry.

Vietnam Visa FAQ.

1. What is a Vietnam Visa?

Simply put, an E-Visa is a type of visa issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department using a digital system. This electronic visa allows you to enter and stay in Vietnam for up to one month. This visa can be obtained by completing an application form on the official or government website for Vietnam E-Visa.

2. What are the steps to apply for Vietnam e-Visa?

The steps for applying for and gaining a Vietnam E-Visa are as follows:-

  • Firstly, the applicant will be required to visit the official website/page of the Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • On that page, the applicant needs to find the application form for the Vietnam E-Visa.
  • Once the form is visible, read the instructions and guidelines and fill in the data required. Also, attach the required documents requested in the application form.
  • Next, the applicant is required to double-check their data. They can pay the standard fees in US dollars if the data is accurate and best to their knowledge.
  • Once that is done, submit the data. Through email, the applicant will receive a registration code and confirmation for their visa. They can use this code to log in to their account and check the status of the result of their Vietnam E-Visa.

3. How to check the status of the results of the Vietnam e-Visa?

To check the result or status of the e-Visa, you must follow the following steps:-

  • Visit the official website of Vietnam E-Visa.
  • You will be required to fill in certain information like registration code, mail ID and DOB.
  • Once filled, the status or result of your E-Visa will be displayed on the screen. Remember to download the visa. And print it before traveling to Vietnam.
  • One must also remember the registration code given to them, which is essential for login and other purposes.

Vietnam Visa Eligibility.

Beginning in August 2017, travelers to Vietnam for business, transit, or tourism visits lasting less than thirty (30) days must obtain a Vietnam e-Visa.

Vietnam e-Visa is a new entry requirement for foreign nationals with visa-free status who intend to visit Vietnam. The authorization is electronically linked to your passport and is valid for 30 days.

Applicants from eligible countries/territories must apply online at least four (4) to seven (7) days before the date of arrival.

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