Beth Emet School is Celebrating Twenty Years of Jewish Day School Excellence

Established 20 years ago, Beth Emet School fosters intellectual growth in a caring environment. Upholding its commitment to academic excellence and a holistic approach, it proudly serves as a foundational institution for kindergarten through middle school students.

The 2023-2024 school year will mark Beth Emet School’s 20 years of Jewish day school excellence. As a premier Jewish Elementary and Middle School in Florida, it offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines rigorous general studies with Hebrew and Judaic studies, technology, chess, sports and swimming, art, music, dance, agronomy, and an academic enhancement program.  Combined with its wide-ranging curriculum, Beth Emet School’s holistic approach, which focuses on various aspects of growth, including social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual, students are encouraged to discover and maximize their potential.

Beth Emet School believes in providing a well-rounded education that nurtures the whole child, fostering academic excellence, character development, and a strong sense of Jewish identity. The core curriculum encompasses a range of subjects, including reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, grammar and mechanics, mathematics, social studies, and science. Dedicated teachers empower students to build upon their knowledge and skills through a logical and sequential approach, ensuring their success at each grade level. Furthermore, the teachers actively support the development of good study and organizational skills, setting the students on a path to lifelong learning.

Judaic Studies is integral to the curriculum, imparting knowledge and instilling a deep commitment to Judaic values. Through holiday observances, Israeli education, Torah studies, life cycle events, customs, and prayers, students experience the richness of Jewish life and develop a profound connection to their heritage. This fusion of Jewish traditions and daily activities within the school community nurtures students’ strong sense of Jewish identity.

The school understands the importance of preparing students for the modern world, so it strongly emphasizes technology education. The technology curriculum uses various devices and platforms to teach computer mastery skills and digital fluency. From Android tablets in kindergarten and first grade to a 1:1 iPad program in second grade, the students gain the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

In addition to the core curriculum, Beth Emet School offers various enriching programs. Chess is an integral part of the curriculum, promoting the development of mental skills such as analytical thinking, concentration, and imagination. The physical education program focuses on progressive and developmentally appropriate learning experiences, while the art, music, dance, and agronomy programs encourage self-expression, creativity, and cultural appreciation.

In middle school, Beth Emet School continues the tradition of excellence in academics, student empowerment, Jewish values, and accountability. With an advanced, integrated curriculum that develops critical thinking skills, creative expression capabilities, and self-esteem, students are challenged to think, reason, and solve problems independently. Middle school students are immersed in the practice of a growth mindset and understanding the power of believing you can improve. Through Beth Emet School’s integrated SEL (Social Emotional Learning) program, students learn to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. With daily implementation, students learn to reduce stress and optimize the learning capacity of their brains. They also learn about the science behind these brain functions, in order to truly put into practice strategies that will help them throughout their lives.

Beth Emet School believes that education extends beyond the classroom walls. Field trips are an integral part of the curriculum, providing opportunities for students to explore, enrich, and reinforce their study subjects. The 4th and 5th-grade students have the unique chance to participate in an overnight trip, creating unforgettable educational experiences and lasting memories.

The institution takes great pride in the notable accreditations and partnerships, which include NCPSA, PRIZMAH, Cognia, the Association of Independent Schools of Florida, and the Jewish Federation of Broward County. These affiliations highlight the commitment to maintaining high educational standards and fostering a vibrant Jewish community.

Beth Emet School invites parents seeking a nurturing, comprehensive, and academically excellent educational experience for their children to enroll at Beth Emet School. By registering a child for the new educational year, they join a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to academic achievement, character development, and celebrating Jewish values.

For further information about Beth Emet School or to seek any information about the admissions, parents can visit or send an email to

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Beth Emet School is a leading Jewish Elementary and Middle School in South Florida, offering a comprehensive curriculum and nurturing a strong sense of Jewish identity in students. With a focus on academic excellence and character development, Beth Emet School provides a well-rounded education for students to thrive.

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