America Wins 2023 World Laughing Championship with World’s Best Laugh

California’s Carla H Brown Laughs her Way to Victory.

In a hilarious display of talent and infectious laughter, Carla H Brown, American Laughing Champion, emerged victorious at the 2023 World Laughing Championship, which featured the most contagious laughers on the planet. 

This is America’s first triumph in the WLC which is in its 3rd year. 

The event, held virtually showcased the extraordinary ability of contestants from across the globe to spread joy and laughter during challenging times. Contestants competed from Holland, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, US and even Uzbekistan among others in a series of hilarious laughter challenges.  Brown, of California is a two time American Laughing Champion. 

Contestants are judged by their contagiousness or their laughter by a live online audience. 

Carla H Brown survived a series of laughter challenges including Best Diabolical laugh, Sexiest Laugh, and one on one laughter duels to clinch the title, narrowly easing out Dutch Laughter Champion Marnix Bosscher. 

The USA, Holland and Iran placed in the top 3 with Iranian laughter master Amir Parvaresh taking third place. 

Brown’s remarkable performance left audiences in stitches as she demonstrated comedic timing, contagious laughter, and unparalleled enthusiasm. Brown herself is a laughter specialist, trained in Laughter yoga, who often conducts laughter workshops for people dealing with grief. She has also been part of a formal study on the use of practiced laughter to help with the management of kidney disease. 

Brown excelled at a Cry/Laugh challenge where competitors must move from crying to laughing a 45 second stretch in a moving and authentic manner. 

As the newly crowned World Laughing Champion, Brown expressed her elation:. “I am honored and thrilled. Laughter is a powerful tool that can unite people, heal wounds, and bring immense joy. I hope to continue using laughter as a means of spreading happiness and positivity across the globe.” 

Albert Nerenberg who founded the championship said: “Punching people in the face is a sport. Poking people with sticks is a sport. Why not have a sport about elevating human joy.”

Although the World Laughing Championship has been done online, a number of national championships have been held over the years in France, Canada the USA and the UK. The championship aims to promote laughter as a means of fostering unity, spreading joy, and creating positive change.

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