BeFelix launches their new app for Android Smartphone users

The personal business navigator tool “beFelix” has announced the launch of their new app, which will provide information about the relevant business offerings and human resources in a fast and convenient manner. The app, launched on Google Play has started to receive good reviews from the users, one of whom mentions, “Great for all startups and entrepreneurs!” while another one writes, “Easy to aggregate startup info around you”.

beFelix is basically a business intelligence tool where the user can find different types of business offerings (e.g. news articles, events, discussions, jobs, companies and startups) and human resources in a better way than the traditional methods. A powerful algorithm that enables specific search results, presenting the most relevant information to the users, backs up the tool and the app.  The user can insert simple keywords into the search filter and get unique results for each search.The app offers an easy way to gain valuable business information without charging anything. It is available for free for everyone.

The beFelix business intelligence tool will help the user in exchanging knowledge for enhancing their professional caliber and competencies regularly. The users can login with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ and create their virtual business card using the keywords to describe their professional skills and competencies in detail. The app will allow them to match with the users that are actually relevant to them and they can exchange knowledge and information through private messaging or group chats. The interesting part is that the users can also match with public group conversations, which have keywords assigned, or start their own public discussion.

The web content tab will allow the user to find valuable sources of knowledge for keeping them updated about the latest business environment, with worldwide sources. The beFelix app can also help the user in searching for job or project opportunities of their interest. They can use various filters to have more specific results.

The app can be downloaded for free at Google Play store and more information can be found at their official website.

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