Action Filled and Intriguing Book, Moonshine Outlaw, Goes Live On Amazon

September, 2016 – New book on Amazon, Moonshine Outlaws, has been available on Amazon for free download in the past few days. The full book is now available for all lovers of action and romance on Amazon. Moonshine Outlaws brings a resurgence to the century-long outlawed business of bootlegging. The book captures the life of two friends who took a step back into the business of bootlegging moonshine.

The business of Moonshine has to be outlawed in the City of Savannah, but the two friends decided to give another trial, and in the bid of doing that, they stirred the hornet’s nest. The trouble became a roller coaster of different actions; some lead to heartwarming romance, but not without some scars on the friends.

The highly intriguing book shows how much events  could be going underground in a city, and people are in the blank about them. Some people in the community are something else, but in reality, they are far beyond what can be imagined.

“I am very sure this book will be must have for everyone. With great reviews from pre-launch readers who loved both the story line and style of writing.” Says the author, Matt Christofferson.

He says further, “In the 1960’s running moonshine in the town of Savannah, Georgia had been almost nonexistent for 5 years and for good reason. But when two friends got back into the business, they quickly realized they might’ve bitten off more than they could chew when they uncovered some shocking secrets of the town.”

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