Basement Renovation Specialists Can Turn Basement into a Home Office during the Coronavirus Pandemic

All Shapes and Sizes of Basement Can Be Brought To Life with Modern and Stylish Office Designs.

Basements can take up more valuable space in properties than homeowners realize. Especially in urban properties, basements can represent a good portion of the indoor space of a property. And while some storage and utility space is essential for all households to function, is it really necessary to have all of that space taken up for extra freezers and storage for random bits and pieces? More specifically, how could that space be put to better use?

With the trend for working at home gathering momentum and becoming even more essential during the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to have a dedicated workspace to manage work and household administration effectively. As much as they are loved, trying to work at home with young children, visiting relatives or excitable pets can be extremely challenging if not impossible.

A spare room or kitchen surface often isn’t an option due to a lack of space. But opening upa basement as a whole new section of a property is an option that increasing numbers of people are exploring. Not only can it solve the problem of space, but it means that a personalized office space can be planned and designed from scratch to suit individual tastes and requirements.

By renovating a basement with professionals such as Basement Renovations Now, it is possible to create a warm, cozy and practical environment to do those tasks that require a little more thought time and quiet. Depending on the layout of the basement, the expert team can help customers to make the most of every inch of space to create a bright, fresh and modern environment they can be proud of.

Turning a basement into a home office has almost unlimited possibilities. With a brand new design, it is possible to build in infrastructures such as phone and internet to manage cables in the most efficient way possible, and build in additional screens and monitors to maximize home working experiences.

The Basement Renovation Now expert team’s skills also extend to wiring, lighting and even en-suite bathroom installation if required. Effective natural and artificial lighting in the new space can make all the difference, and well-placed windows and lighting solutions can help a converted basement exceed all expectations.

One of the main things that put people off converting basements is the perceived cost and complexity involved in doing so. But with no planning permission needed and the right help from specialists, the results can be amazing. Basement Renovation Now manages the project from inception through to completion, and in doing so takes the risk and worry away from homeowners.

Creating a new part of a home such as this will also add value to a property when owners come to sell or remortgage it. 

About Basement Renovations Now

Basement Renovation Now is a Concord, ON-based provider of basement renovations. The expert basement renovators manage basement projects from planning to execution. The specialist services enable Ontario residents to turn basements into valuable living or working space in their properties. With a guarantee that renovations will be completed in 3 weeks, Basement Renovation Now places customer satisfaction at the center of what they do. 

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