Baker Street Funding Is Experiencing A 50% Increase In Lawsuit Funding Applications Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Lawsuit funding company, Baker Street Funding announces a 50% spike in pre-settlement funding applications due to the unprecedented inability for plaintiffs to earn an income because of the ongoing lockdown

Baker Street Funding announced today as a result of the effects of the global pandemic, COVID-19 and because of the unprecedented global shutdown of business activities, many people (including people who depended on Baker Street Funding) do not have the opportunity to earn an income. Baker Street Funding has increased their funding applications by 50%.

The funding firm is advancing people money with strong cases and attorney representation. Post and pre-settlement funding, attorney funding, commercial litigation funding and surgery funding for injured victims applications have increased.

A lot of times, personal injury victims need financial help because of the prolonged nature of battles with the defendant’s insurance company. This kind of situation can put the plaintiff in a financial crisis. Baker Street Funding comes in and helps you get through this tough period until you can finalize your settlement. By receiving lawsuit funding, you can make a positive impact in your own life, especially during this global pandemic.

A Baker Street Funding representative reported that the increase in their lawsuit funding applications is based on people not being able to plan for the lockdown because of its “sudden” nature. Just like everyone else, they are forced to work from home and offer legal funding services at a time when there is a spike in demand. This situation is unprecedented in the industry, and it will be interesting to see how it will all play out.

Baker Street Funding encourages anyone who is or will be a plaintiff in litigation to contact them for a consultation and to apply. The application process is quick and easy to complete and does not require plaintiffs to undergo unnecessary checks nor have any type of human contact, this can be done while the plaintiff is at home. If the case is lost, plaintiffs owe nothing.

About Baker Street Funding

Headquartered in NYC, and opening a new office in Naples, Florida, Baker Street Funding was created to establish the most user-friendly, simple legal funding process. They partner up with a high-level team of individuals combining passionate team members with some of the best underwriters in the industry to create an easy legal funding process. They have a unique ability in the legal finance industry that sets them apart from the competition by virtue of their strategic partnerships with major players within the market. They have a diversified risk portfolio, select investor base, superior underwriting team and extensive expertise and education.

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