A Practical Self Help Book to Unlock Potentials, “Unleash the Woman Inside of You: 7 Essential Ingredients”, by Latisa Be

April 6, 2020 – Latisa Be, an author, speaker, and grief coach has recently released her latest book, titled, “Unleash the Woman Inside of You: 7 Essential Ingredients”. A book that helps women address their limiting beliefs, confront their fears, discover who they are, and release negative energy so they can live a happier and healthy life.

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves and live their best life. A life where you can be unapologetically the woman you were created to be and doing the things you enjoy the most. Imagine living a life day in, day out where you can just be your authentic self.

In correspondence with Latisa, she shares her views, motivation and why she is releasing this book, despite the thousands of self-help books that seem to fill the internet today, in her words, ‘We are all born with a purpose. Unfortunately, as we experience life our purpose gets buried under a mountain of pain, fear, and the things we believe about ourselves. I believe if you address the things that are blocking your purpose then the woman you were created to be can manifest. Releasing this book right now is me fulfilling my purpose; helping women to heal.

She further stated, “That as women we sometimes sacrifice ourselves for the growth of the family putting our personal growth on hold. Therefore, when our role in our family’s lives changes a lot of us are stuck wondering who we are now. This book helps women to tap into the woman resting inside of her and provides a practical approach for those who may not know what to do.  

For more information about the book along with further details visit www.unleashthewomanbook.com

Latisa Be in her book, “Unleash the Woman Inside of You: 7 Essential Ingredients”, unravels the things blocking your innate greatness as she shows ways to take the initial step to embrace the life you have, move forward when you are stuck, release your negative energy and so much more.

About the Author

Latisa is the author of the life-transforming book, The Resurrection: Life After the Death of Your Child, inspirational speaker, certified grief coach, and the founder of “Your Village”, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides support, advice, and coaching to grieving mothers.

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