Auto Loan Service Offering Options to Finance a Car for Those with Less-Than-Perfect Credit

Approved Auto Financing Regardless of the Marks on a Credit Report

For the majority of people today, a vehicle is a necessity and not a luxury. Since any vehicle purchase is usually a major one, financing is needed to cover the cost. For those with less-than-perfect credit, obtaining the financing needed to get a dependable vehicle can be difficult to impossible. Once in this position, it may seem like there are very few options for vehicle ownership ever again in their lifetime. Thanks to Auto Loan Service, many drivers have gotten the financing they needed to purchase a new or used car without the obstacles they would normally have to face.

New Car Loans

New car loans are especially difficult to obtain for those who have a poor credit report. If they have had a previous vehicle repossessed, missed payments, or declared bankruptcy, they are not given the opportunity to obtain financing even if they are now able to meet their monthly payments responsibly. Auto Loan Service can provide loans for a new vehicle and include competitive interest rates and low monthly payments that make it even easier on the borrower.

Used Car Loans

Most financial institutions shy away from loans on used automobiles that are not under warranty and which don’t have the value through the insurance company that will meet the value of the loan. Auto Loan Service provides potential car buyers with the financing options they need to get the used car that is right for their needs.

Borrowers who turn to Auto Loan Service don’t have to sacrifice their choice in options to get the credit they need. There are many advantages to financing a vehicle purchase through Auto Loan including:

• Fast & Secure Online Application
• Fast Approvals with 98% Approval Rate
• Competitive Interest Rate
• Access to Many Vehicles
• Work with All Credit Types
• Prime and Sub-Prime
• Shuttle Services in Toronto
• Commercial & Heavy Vehicles

Auto Loan Service also offers loyalty programs that give new buyers more options for buying a car. There is no better way for anyone with less-than-perfect credit to get a choice in the vehicle they buy and the way they pay than with Auto Loan Service.

About Auto Loan Service

Auto Loan Service ( is a resource for the many people who have not been able to get financing to buy a much-needed car because of a poor credit score. Auto Loan Service makes it easy to get approved for financing in spite of the numbers. They have years of experience and the relationships they need with financing resources that they will use to help buyers achieve their financial goals. Unlike other financing institutions, Auto Loan Service looks beyond the credit rating and offers exceptional customer service and competitive interest rates.

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