Anand Mishra\’s Digital Mission and Vision

One of the most successful CEO’s of the Indian IT industry, Anand Mishra is the founder of Star Infranet which is the registered trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Pvt Ltd, a company privately funded by Information TV Pvt. Ltd, which owns trademarks India News Channel and NewsX channel.

Though the company is founded only in 2010 and has not yet crossed its adolescence period, it has managed to accomplish wider success by Mr. Mishra’s ingenious inventions regarding the IT business. But he himself bestows all the credits to the most qualified professionals of his company. According to him, the credit of the grand success of Star Infranet in building up its reputation goes totally to its team of expert professionals.

Recently, Mr. Mishra’s company has won its recognition in web designing and development, e-commerce, digital marketing, domain registration and cloud service. His company can easily confront with the corporate giants in the IT sector. All of these became possible by Mr. Mishra’s business strategy. While most of the IT business choose the B2C route, Mr. Mishra took the policy of B2B route and engaged a lot of dealers throughout the country. The number may be counted as over 4000. This policy has offered him the leadership in the market.

Mr. Mishra has designed the digital space for the Information TV Pvt. Ltd and built up the news portals for Hindi National channel, India News and English National Channel, NewsX. He has also worked very hard and made digital space for the world famous newspaper The Sunday Guardian.

It is an honest determination that brought Mr. Anand Mishra to this top level of Management and success.  He started programming at the age of 17 and after four years he entered into the corporate sector. Having a bachelor degree from Delhi University, he worked in Telecom industry for some years. This experience helped him a lot in his mission and vision of raising the Star Infranet to a certain level of excellence.

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