Aupo P-Series Thermal Fuse Is Non-Resettable Thermal Protection Device With Ceramic Casing

  • AUPO P-series thermal fuse is non-resettable thermal protection device with ceramic casing, which is sensitive to the ambient temperature, accurate and stable operating temperature, small size and sealed structure.


  • 1. Confidential alloy formula technology to ensure stable operation and high precision.
  • 2. Complete product quality management system to ensure high consistency and reliability.
  • 3.Ceramic case, heating response quickly.
  • 4. Epoxy resin package, good product sealing.

Working Principleļ¼š

  • When ambient temperature rises to its operating temperature, the fusible alloy will melt and shrink into bulb on both sides of pin, with the help of surface tension and special resin, cut off the circuit permanently.
Application Field:

  • P-series products are widely used for overheating protection of various small power motor coils.

Product Certification:

  • P-series products meet the safety test requirements of IEC 60691 Ed 4.0 and GB/T 9816.2013, and many models are certified with UL, VDE, CCC, PSE, KC, TUV and other safety approvals.
  • P-1A-F


  • P-F


  • P-3A-F


  • P-5A-F


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