ATO Unveils Its Highly Efficient DC-DC Converter

ATO Unveils Its Highly Efficient DC-DC Converter
DC-to-DC converter is an electronic circuit or electromechanical device that converts a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another.

Popular industrial automation products platform launched an economically priced Direct current-Direct current converter( DC-DC converter). The DC-DC converter is primarily divided into two types of converters: the DC-DC boost converter and the DC-DC buck converter. A direct current (DC) to direct current converter is a form of electric power converter that can modify the voltage output of a direct current (DC) source. This sort of converter works by converting direct current to direct current. ATO provides three basic kinds of converters: DC-DC buck converters, DC-DC boost converters, and DC-DC boost buck converters. DC-DC buck converters are used to convert direct current to direct current. Every series comes with a wide variety of power options and affordable price points.

The DC-DC Boost converter features a wide input voltage range of 9V to 16V, is designed to step up the input rated voltage of 12V DC to 19V, 24V, 28V, 36V, as well as 48V output voltage, has a high conversion efficiency of up to 95%, and a variety of output currents are available for choosing.

On the other hand, DC-DC buck converters come with a wide input range of 8V to 36V, a high conversion efficiency of up to 95%, are designed to step down the input rated voltage from 12V/24V DC to 5V output voltage, and different models are available for selection from different varieties, such as DC-DC Buck Converter, 24V to 12V, DC-DC Buck Converter, 36V to 12V, and DC-DC Buck Converter, 48 to 12V, amongst others. 

“DC-DC converter is one of the most popular products offered by our company. We have complete and mature technical support to solve any problem you meet”, A senior technical engineer for the company J Field, said, “This electronic component is widely used in different industries and devices, especially for renewable energy applications, nowadays, global energy shortages make its importance more outstanding.”

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