At 21-Year-Old Khalil Haji Becomes One Of The Youngest Real Estate Agency Owner

Just Khalil Investments LLC is the name of the real estate agency started by this young entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas.

Khalil Haji grew up in Denver, Colorado. Now he is a resident of Dallas, Texas. He had a passion for starting his own business at the young age of 17 years. However, he was not sure where to go. He used his entire savings to start a daycare when the pandemic initially started. Khalil started the daycare because his family businesses were shutting down, and the daycare industry was seeing great growth. Though it had a slow start, it has now become a 7-figure business. He then expanded into real estate with Just Khalil Investments LLC, becoming one of the youngest real estate agency owners in the world.

His real estate agency buys, manages, and rents properties. He is also the owner of several e-commerce shops and businesses at the age of 21. Khalil opted for eCommerce because of his friends who always spoke about it and how they were performing in that sector. The biggest challenge he faced was coming up with a great product. He researched to understand the problems of the people and then came up with relevant solutions. 

“You are never too young to start any business. Do not be afraid or listen to the hateful words of others. Believe in yourself and go out of your comfort zone to explore new heights in any industry,” said Khalil.

His father was already working in the real estate business. So it was quite natural for him to shift in this industry. According to Khalil, the biggest win was a foreclosed property he had purchased in Grand Prairie, Texas, for $22000. He spent 50k on renovating the property and later sold it for 210k within a month. This made him addicted to the real estate business, and he has been going strong since then.

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About Khalil Haji:

Khalil Haji, a resident of Dallas, Texas, began his first business of running a daycare at the age of 17 years. At 21, he is now a real estate agency owner and has several e-commerce stores and businesses too.

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