Wrap Vault Unveils Their Secret To Protecting Luxury Ride Share Vehicles

Wrap Vault Unveils Their Secret To Protecting Luxury Ride Share Vehicles

Introducing A Brand New Way To Protect Your Car: Vault Shield

If you own a car, truck, or suv you now have access to the newest golden ticket to passive income. Thanks to car sharing and rental apps, owners can have their vehicles work for them while they continue to go about their day. This is incredibly helpful in a world that is going towards remote work and everyday items available by delivery.  

Putting your car to work is beneficial in terms of extra income. However, just like every other “life changing concept”, it comes with a full list of both pros and cons. Having money come in passively using an asset you already have is undoubtably a pro. Knowing that, it would be ignorant to ignore the obvious con; a stranger is using your vehicle. 

Even when you are careful there is going to be normal wear and tear in any car you drive. When it’s yours, you pay attention (avoiding eating in the car, bringing in bulky or messy items, etc.). When it’s not yours, most people would be less adamant on keeping things pristine. Letting a stranger operate your vehicle will nearly guarantee more scratches, more dings, more dents.  

Wrap Vault of Scottsdale, unveils the strongly anticipated “Vault Shield”. They provide an absolute necessity to all vehicle rentals. This industry leading offer protects any car with a self-healing film that helps protect against the harsh road conditions in Arizona. This includes rocks, door dings, and dirt storms.

Wrap Vault is offering custom applications in both clear and colored options. Vault Shield is available in North Scottsdale and is 10% off to anyone that mentions this article.

For more information, please utilize the contact information below. Vault Shieldprotect your investment.

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