Ashley Bernon – Hard Work, Combined with Immersion in Good Works, Does Lead to Business and Personal Fulfillment

There is no question about it. In society now in order to be successful, many individuals have discovered that combining education, business acumen, and a real passion for helping others and adding value to society is a wonderful combination. Ashley Bernon and individuals like her have learned that this is true over the years and have managed to combine both business and personal endeavors in a way that gives back to society. 

Success does occur with a variety of professional and personal accomplishments.

If any type of achievements occur it usually happens when individuals realize the value of balancing professional and philanthropic endeavors. Philanthropic efforts do produce great value even if unpaid. A world of possibilities can be made through these efforts and successful individuals understand this. These efforts are also very fulfilling and noteworthy. Philanthropy has always been a part and parcel of becoming recognized and successful. Hard work is required of course and a strong work ethic, as well as a way to ensure a “work/life” balance. 

A great deal of corporations encourage philanthropy although the numbers are dropping.

There is a reason for this as exposure to non-profit endeavors assists the non-profits as well as the business. Knowledge and contacts are obtained in this manner. Some companies do not fully understand the concept of giving time and effort without something in return. However, some individuals like Ashley Bernon do understand the concept and have been practicing this for years, simply for personal fulfillment. Practicing private philanthropy does take much time and only certain individuals are suited to it. 

The combination of skills acquired by individuals makes a difference.

Healthcare and arts are popular philanthropic endeavors as is the restoration of historical properties. Other fields that are popular are the fields of education, restoring the earth through landscaping projects, and food projects, where food is provided to the indigent. Each type of endeavor leads to another types of experience and skill set. Individuals that are involved in these endeavors usually have a family history of this type of involvement and this does lead to more success in both personal and professional development. Education is also important and the ability to work tirelessly on something that is for the good of humanity. 

When a combination of experiences is good, doors do open automatically to businesses.

Individuals are still encouraged to become involved in philanthropic endeavors as non-profits need assistance. Although these endeavors should be encouraged simply for their own value, they do open doors yet to other opportunities for some businesses. There is never such a thing as doing “too much good” for the world. But the right attitude must be present whenever involvement in philanthropy occurs. Without it, no real benefit is gained. Individuals who engage in it must also enjoy it and do so without thinking about business advantaged. Philanthropy should be “pure” plain and simple.

About Ashley Bernon

Ashley Bernon is managing director currently at a law firm. She has a background in real estate, business management and many philanthropic endeavors. She has a Linked In profile, and You Tube video, with an online form also that highlights her past accomplishments and her background. She was born in Wellesley, MA but now works in Boston, MA at her current position of managing director of a law firm. 

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