Application characteristics of automotive connectors

As far as the purpose of the use of automobile connectors is concerned, in order to ensure the good operation of the car, we can divide the reliability of the connector into the sealing performance of the connector in use, the spark-proof performance of the car in driving, and the performance of the car in driving. Shielding performance and temperature control performance of the connector.

Usually when discussing the sealing performance of automobile connectors, it is not only the sealing performance of water in the automobile. Among them, IP67 is currently a popular international management standard, which is also the current medium-to-high level standard in the automotive sealing industry. Although different parts of the car have different requirements for waterproofing, many car manufacturers will choose IP67 to ensure the sealing performance of their car connectors.

Electricity is an important energy source in vehicle driving. It is not only related to the normal operation of the engine, but also often involves the use of electricity when people drive the vehicle. Therefore, in the automotive power system, automotive connectors have different partitions, between the terminal connector and the device, between the terminal connector and the cable, between the terminal connector and the female terminal connector, and between the female terminal There are some sealing measures between the connector and the cable.

The sealing ring is a common tool for the sealing performance of automobile connectors. It can not only realize the fixation between different holes, but also achieve the sealing effect. It can not only ensure the stable operation of the automobile equipment, but also ensure the waterproof performance of the automobile equipment when it is working. In the production process, most sealing rings will use silicone rubber, which is made of liquid and solid silicon through certain chemical changes.

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